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  • Harry Potter Halloween Costume

    With the release of the new book, The Half-Blood Prince, Harry Potter fans are once again donning their favorite characters costume for Halloween. If you haven’t already been inducted into the Harry Potter fan club you should know that the Harry Potter Halloween costume most children are wearing is the official Hogwarts School uniform.

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    Halloween Prop Ideas

    In order to have the best-decorated front lawn in your neighborhood you need a great Halloween prop or even several of them. Decide what the theme of your decorations will be such as scary, cute or funny and then pick a large Halloween prop that will be the centerpiece of your creations. Perfect large Halloween props include a witch, scarecrow, mummy, vampire and a ghost.

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    Gothic Halloween Costume: Putting One Together

    Gothic Halloween costume ideas range from gothic graveyard fairies to gothic brides. The main criterion for a gothic Halloween costume is black and blacker. This means that the main color of the costume is black, fingernails should be painted black, black makeup should be applied around the eyes and black or dark purple lipstick should be worn. The end result of this costume is to create a look of death or near-death by the wearer.

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    Halloween Contact Lenses

    If you are looking for an unusual way to creep out your friends and neighbors try wearing a pair of Halloween contact lenses. Contact lenses that aren’t for daily wear or prescription use are becoming a popular way to enhance costumes.

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  • Belle Costume For Adults & Kids

    www.costumez.org Halloween is hardly 60 days away. Yes, another year has come and before we know it, would be gone forever, but for the lingering magic, mystic and charm of the Adult Belle Costume, Halloween would not be a cherished memory for many of the young ladies who may chose that costume for the night's festivities. Make 2009 something to remember by dressing in a Halloween Costume that would stand out among all costumes. Look your sexiest in an Adult Belle Costume. The magnetic charm of Disney characters continue to draw children towards them from all over the world. Disney Princesses seem to be a fixation not only with girls of all ages, but even with the older and more mature girls, ladies and women. This has led to costume manufacturers making sure that there are adult size and plus size versions for the costume of that famous Disney Princess, Belle. The interesting character, with such wonderful tales to surround her never fails to ignite the fancy of the young and now the older alike, which happens to be the strongest complement to the imaginations that have created such a charming and endearing character. It is not only the children and the little girls, who are simply fascinated by the idea of this princess. Teenagers and young ladies too seem to be enticed by the images of beauty and elegance that flash across, the very moment they start talking about the princess Belle who is truly a character made for fantasies. Which female wouldn't want to step into ...


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