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  • Harry Potter Halloween Costume

    With the release of the new book, The Half-Blood Prince, Harry Potter fans are once again donning their favorite characters costume for Halloween. If you haven’t already been inducted into the Harry Potter fan club you should know that the Harry Potter Halloween costume most children are wearing is the official Hogwarts School uniform.

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    Halloween Prop Ideas

    In order to have the best-decorated front lawn in your neighborhood you need a great Halloween prop or even several of them. Decide what the theme of your decorations will be such as scary, cute or funny and then pick a large Halloween prop that will be the centerpiece of your creations. Perfect large Halloween props include a witch, scarecrow, mummy, vampire and a ghost.

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    Gothic Halloween Costume: Putting One Together

    Gothic Halloween costume ideas range from gothic graveyard fairies to gothic brides. The main criterion for a gothic Halloween costume is black and blacker. This means that the main color of the costume is black, fingernails should be painted black, black makeup should be applied around the eyes and black or dark purple lipstick should be worn. The end result of this costume is to create a look of death or near-death by the wearer.

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    Halloween Contact Lenses

    If you are looking for an unusual way to creep out your friends and neighbors try wearing a pair of Halloween contact lenses. Contact lenses that aren’t for daily wear or prescription use are becoming a popular way to enhance costumes.

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  • Halloween Costume Special

    Twitter.com - Follow Us! We've got a Halloween special here on Clevver TV. Check out the celebrity costumes right now! We're here with the Halloween hookup, and I'm Dana Ward with the details. Where to start off with the star-studded Hollywood Halloween? Well, just for you guys, let's begin with the Twilight-themed party in Las Vegas. Host Ashley Greene went all out in a detailed feather and tulle sexy bird outfit. According to Greene herself, she explained the costume, thinking her stylist would need to get it constructed, but it already existed! Co party thrower Kellan Lutz wore a red and black Batman-inspired gear. Interestingly, at a totally different Vegas party, 90210-star and rumored girlfriend to the Twilight vampire, Annalynne McCord wore a matching Batgirl outfit. Gossip Girl competitor, Blake Lively, played a stewardess and real-life drama queen, Audrina Patridge, hosted a "I Dream of Audrina" party and appropriately chose a pink and black midriff-showing genie suit. And kinda similarly in a Princess Jasmine costume, Kim Kardashian. Keeping with the Disney-theme, Miley Cyrus got spotted on-stage wearing a Pocahontas outfit in Louisville while Miranda Cosgrove was out-and-about in London as a kitty-cat. Ashley Tisdale was Alice in Wonderland and Liam Hemsworth dressed as a marathon runner. And barely arguably the worst costume of the night goes to the person who wore NO costume. Lindsay Lohan walked a red carpet sans a creative character costume. Now that we've ...


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