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    One of the fun things about being a twin or being the parent of twins is coming up with good twins Halloween costume ideas to celebrate the spookiest of holidays in double-fun style. Just being a twin easily lends itself to a host of good costume ideas, and it doesn’t matter whether the twins in question are identical or fraternal.

    Good concepts come in twos it seems and the worlds of literature, movies, pop culture and society itself are teeming with great Halloween costume concepts that are perfect for twins of any age.

    Toddler Twins Halloween Costume Ideas

    For a toddler’s Halloween costume parents always want to find something cute. So, when you have toddler twins you obviously want something that is literally twice as cute! For identical twins it is always easy just to get two of the same costume. If most parents have one little girl that is dressed as a puppy, well you can have two!

    If the twins are a fraternal mixed set (a boy and a girl) a good choice can be to have them dress as those lovable rag dolls Raggedy Ann and Andy. Two boys can be Tweedledee and Tweedledumm from Alice in Wonderland. Twins Halloween costume ideas for toddlers don’t have to stop there, of course, and there is no law that says the twins must share a costume concept at all, but it is definitely more fun that way.

    Child Twins Halloween Costume Ideas

    When children get a little older they start to have their own ideas about what they want to dress as for Halloween and it may be difficult to get a pair of even identical twins to agree to a joint costume idea. It is a good idea to let the twins dress as they wish, allowing each to follow his or her own personality.

    If, however, you really have a good twins Halloween costume idea, you can explain to the siblings that being twins gives them an edge over other children and people will often respond well to a dual costume effort perpetrated by any two children and all that much more when the children in question are twins.

    Try to keep the costume ideas in the realm of the children’s interests as well. A good example would be a sister and brother duo going as the members of the evil Team Rocket from the animated Pokemon television show. At this age they may not appreciate the Raggedy Ann and Andy idea though.

    Teen and Adult Twins Halloween Costume Ideas

    For teen and adult twins, the world is wide open when it comes to Halloween costumes. While just having the pair dress alike and carry packs of Doublemint Gum will certainly win style points, it lacks a bit in the creativity department. It shouldn’t take too much work, however, to come up with a good twins Halloween costume idea for pairs in this age group either and a splendid time is guaranteed for all when a truly unique concept is discovered.

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