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  • The Versatile Adult Witch Halloween Costume

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    One of the most favorite costumes at Halloween is that of the witch. An adult witch Halloween costume is the most versatile to wear as everyone has their own idea of what a witch would look like. The movie The Wizard of Oz showed us that there were two types of adult witches, a good witch and a bad witch.

    Depending on which witch that you want to be will determine the design and colors that you choose. A bad witch typically wears green, red and black whereas the good witch wears pastels, gold and silver. The design elements of the adult witch Halloween costume is entirely up to the wearer of the costume.

    A typical adult witch Halloween costume that is a bad witch would wear a black cape, pointy hat, black skirt and black shoes. These items can be found at most retail stores and costume shops if you don’t already have them in your own closet.

    Additional items you might want to wear include the most odd pair of socks or stockings you can find and a shirt or blouse in an equally strange color. The makeup that is worn will really set you apart from other witches.

    Green is the usual color that people don for a creepy, wicked adult witch Halloween look. Add a few warts that are found at costume shops and you’ve got a traditional witch look on your face. Latex costume witch hands that are wrinkled and have long nails add the aged look many witches want.

    The wig that you may choose can be either white or black. If you want to look old and haggard, white costume wigs are the best choice. A long black wig will make you look mysterious. Don’t forget a few props such as a rubber rat, a broom, a stick for a magic wand, a few bottles with cork stoppers strapped to your belt or even a crystal ball.

    If you are one of the few that yearn to be a good witch you have some choices to make as well. An adult witch Halloween costume that a good witch would wear includes a pouf-sleeved dress with a voluminous skirt, a tiara and a cute looking magic wand. These costumes are readily available for rent at costume shops or you may make your own.

    The materials that work well for this type of costume include satin, tulle, crinoline or any other lightweight material that will look well over a hoop skirt. The patterns for this costume are available at any craft or fabric store. Accessories that the good witch will want to have are a dazzling tiara to wear in the hair and a sparkling magic wand to match.

    Adult witch Halloween costume makeup should be light and preferably pink based. This should add a fairy princess like quality to your overall appearance. If your skirt is long enough you can wear any shoes that you like including your favorite tennis shoes.

    Some good witches like to wear a long flowing Halloween wigs such as a blonde one with lots of curls. This is really up to the wearer of the costume. Some people find that wigs will make their head hot and itchy and will decide that it isn’t worth the irritation for an entire evening.

    Many people want to be something at Halloween that they aren’t during the rest of the year. People that are chronically good may want to play a wicked witch during Halloween and those that are grouchy may want to play a good witch. Either way wearing an adult witch Halloween costume will certainly get you noticed at any party that you attend.

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