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    If you are looking for an unusual way to creep out your friends and neighbors try wearing a pair of Halloween contact lenses. Contact lenses that aren’t for daily wear or prescription use are becoming a popular way to enhance costumes.

    Halloween contact lenses can be ordered direct from the manufacturer without a prescription; simply pick the style and color that you want and they can be at your house within 24 hours if you choose.

    Popular styles of Halloween contact lenses include the green reptile, green and yellow creepers, black wolf, purple, yellow or red cat eye, fire banshee, spider web and glow in the dark lenses. These lenses are also popular for use after Halloween if you want to make a unique statement with your eyes.

    The cost range is usually from seventy-five to one hundred dollars. The lenses can be used indefinitely if cared for properly however they can tear easily because they are soft contact lenses.

    Custom theatrical lenses are perfect if you want to dress as your favorite creepy character from the movies. Fans of The Vampire Chronicles and want to dress the part of Louis or Lestat can purchase contact lenses that fit the part in brilliant blue or green. If you have a yearning to be a zombie or a blind person there are contacts for that too.

    White contacts that cover the entire eye are perfect for blind characters and a frosty lens is great for zombies. Characters from Dune will want the creepy blue and black Halloween contact lenses. If you want to be a creature from outer space, such as the Predator, there is a green lens with a black slit that fits the bill. There are red Cyclops lenses and red Dracula lenses as well as orange demon and yellow scarecrow Halloween contact lenses.

    Popular Halloween contact lenses following the release of the latest Star Wars movie include the Sith and Darkside lenses. Individuals playing the creature from Jeepers Creepers will want to wear the Creeper contact lens. Fans of the X-Files can find the ultra weird black sclera lens that the aliens wore. The cost of custom theatrical lenses is considerably higher than the mass-produced lenses. Expect to pay upwards of two hundred dollars for a pair of these lenses.

    Halloween contact lenses are a fun way to enhance your costume if used properly. Contact lenses should not be worn to sleep in; the lenses should be removed at night and stored in sterile saline or multi-purpose solution.

    If the lenses irritate your eyes by causing dryness or redness you should remove them immediately. Never share your contact lenses with anyone else or you risk the chance of spreading infection.

    Carry a travel case with you when wearing Halloween contact lenses in case you need to remove them for any reason. Never wet your contact lenses with saliva or you may cause an eye infection.

    Remember to use special care when wearing specialty lenses as they may interfere with your ability to see clearly; avoid their use when you are driving or operating any other machinery.

    Wearing unique Halloween contact lenses to parties will certainly draw attention to any costume and are a fun way to attract attention even after Halloween has passed.

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