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    Bliss Pro's BROWN AFRO WIG Halloween Costume Party Wig 70's Retro Disco Curly
    Bliss Pro's BROWN AFRO WIG Halloween Costume Party Wig 70's Retro Disco Curly
    List Price: $14.99
    Sale Price: $13.00
    COSPLAZA Cosplay Wig Greenish-Blue Multi-Color Wavy Japanese Harajuku Lolita Anime Show Party Hair
    COSPLAZA Cosplay Wig Greenish-Blue Multi-Color Wavy Japanese Harajuku Lolita Anime Show Party Hair
    Rubie's Child's Black Witch Wig
    Rubie's Child's Black Witch Wig
    List Price: $7.99
    Sale Price: $7.96

    Adults that dress up for Halloween almost always pick a costume that includes a wig. If you are going to pretend to be someone else you may as well do it one hundred percent. You don’t need to spend a fortune to purchase a wig for this one time event. A cheap Halloween wig often does the trick and usually at less than fifty bucks.

    Costume wigs with straight hair are considered a cheap Halloween wig. The straight haired look is great for witches, prophets, Cher look-alikes, Ozzy Osbourne look-alikes, Indians and pirates. Most of these straight hair wigs are in the ten to twenty five dollar range.

    Women that want to dress up for Halloween with a great wig can also find a cheap Halloween wig that suits their costume. Wigs under twenty five dollars include Cleopatra, blonde celebrity, cheerleader, cavewoman with bone in hair, black witch, Elvira, beehive, Bavarian girl, ‘80’s glam rock, ‘70’s housewife, and gothic girl.

    The care of these Halloween wigs is easy to boot. Just shake the wigs out, finger comb or use a pick and style with gel, mousse or hairspray. A cheap Halloween wig is usually made of synthetic materials and cannot be blow-dried or curled with a curling iron.

    Men have a wide variety of costume wigs to choose from also. Popular cheap Halloween wig styles include Elvis, rock star, wizard, buccaneer, boxing promoter, Abe Lincoln, Amish man, Mohawk hair, gladiator, barrister, Ben Franklin, balding clown, Buffalo Bill, caveman, Caesar, Chinese man and Duke.

    These Halloween wigs range from twelve to thirty six dollars. The care for them is the same as other synthetic wigs. Comb with a pick or your fingers and style with your favorite styling products, keeping the wig away from any heat sources.

    Children may also want to wear a cheap Halloween wig when they step out for a night of trick or treating. Children’s wigs that are synthetic are usually under twenty-five dollars and most are under ten if bought at your favorite local retail store. Popular wigs for a party city costumes include a ‘50’s style hairdo, long blonde hair for Alice in Wonderland, Cinderella, witch, Annie, Hermione Granger, Raggedy Anne and Dora the Explorer.

    These wigs are easy to style and are usually lightweight so they don’t make your child hot or itchy. They can be styled easily and because they aren’t expensive you won’t worry if they get ruined in the course of a long Halloween evening.

    Many cheap Halloween wigs can be found at your local costume or retail store as well as the Internet. Men can also find great beards and moustaches at these same stores to match their wigs. Costumes such as prophets, Amish man, Abe Lincoln and pirates usually have a matching moustache and beard. You can also find long side burns for those period costumes.

    Women who simply want to add to their hairdo, such as a long ponytail or a cascade of curls, can buy synthetic hairpieces that can be purchased for fewer than fifteen dollars. The best way to find the best deal on cheap Halloween wig is to research the style you want on the Internet before buying.

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