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    A great way to add interest to your costume is to wear fun Halloween wigs. There are wigs for any Halloween costume idea that you can dream up. Halloween wigs come in a variety of styles and materials from human hair to synthetics. The type of wig you will want depends on the amount of money you want to spend on your costume as well as finding the right style for your costume.

    Prices for wigs range from twenty dollars to over one hundred dollars. Human hair wigs cost more than synthetic wigs. There are also places on the Internet where people sell their second hand wigs, especially costume wigs, to others who want to use the same costume idea.

    If you want to be Elvis this year you won’t have any problem finding a wig with his trademark pompadour style. People that want to be a witch, Cher, the Bride of Frankenstein or Marie Antoinette can also easily find wigs for their costumes.

    Since many of the wigs for women use curls in the hairdo, synthetic wigs are popular because the curls can be sewn in so that they don’t fall out. Another reason to use a wig for elaborate hairstyles is that you won’t ruin your own hair with hours of styling or coloring.

    Men that would like to be a judge, Duke, rock star or wear a Mohawk or mullet hairdo will find a wide variety of Halloween wigs on the Internet. Character wigs made of synthetic materials are easy to find on the Internet as well. Favorite costume wigs include Dolly Parton, Annie, Cleopatra, Harpo Marx and Elvira Queen of the Night.

    A costume that is unusual or outrageous would look great when accessorized with a funky wig. Synthetic wigs come in a wide variety of colors and styles from brilliant orange, which is perfect for a clown costume to green and blue streaked hair, which is fun for a dance hall girl costume.

    Rainbow Afros, period costume wigs, dreadlocks, Jesus and Santa wigs will give your costume realism. Many stores that carry Halloween wigs also carry moustaches and beards that can be worn with your costume as well.

    Proper care of your Halloween wig is essential if you want it to last for a long time. Synthetic wigs usually only need to be shaken out to revive a style. Use a hair pick or brush to separate wavy or long styles. Style your synthetic wig with a hair pick to separate tight curl styles; brushing tight curls will only loosen the style. The wigs can also be styled with hair gel, mousse and hair spray. Keep synthetic costume wigs away from heat, especially hair dryers or curling irons.

    Human hair Halloween wigs can be treated much like your own hair. These wigs can be styled with hair dryers and curling irons. Human hair wigs should be brushed with a wire brush only. When you aren’t wearing your wig place them on a wig stand to or mannequin head to help keep their shape so that they will last for many more Halloween parties to come!

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