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  • Breaking Out With A Sexy Female Halloween Costume

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    Halloween is a time when we can dress the way we normally can’t. For some this means shedding their matronly persona and donning a sexy female Halloween costume. Women can dress as playboy bunnies, French maids, fairies, cats and more.

    The costumes can be simple and made with items found around your home or you can purchase or rent a sexy female Halloween costume. The makeup that you use should be elaborate, especially if you are portraying a sexy movie character.

    A favorite sexy female Halloween costume is Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn oozed sexuality and was curvier than many of our counterparts today. This makes this costume appealing for plus sized women because they can wear the famous white dress from the Seven Year Itch perfectly.

    Study some photos of Marilyn before you do your makeup so you can put your beauty spot in the correct place and put on false eyelashes correctly. Find a Marilyn wig to complete the look and you’re ready for a Halloween party.

    The playboy bunny is a perennial favorite among women. This sexy female Halloween costume can be purchased online or in costume shops anywhere. This costume is very form fitting so consider wearing one carefully before you step out in public. If you aren’t confident with your body don’t wear this costume! Add fishnet stockings and stiletto heels to complete this look. Don’t forget your bunny ears and dramatic makeup before going out.

    Cat woman, in all her forms, is always a cute yet sexy female Halloween costume. A cat can wear a leopard, tiger, lion or domestic cat suit. You can also make your own version of the cat costume with a black body suit and a furry mask that can be purchased at many craft stores. Add a tail that can be purchased separately and attach it in the back of your costume at your waistline. Women that sew can make faux fur cuffs for their wrists and ankles and attach them to a black body suit.

    Save your friends at the Halloween party by wearing a nurse costume. This sexy female Halloween costume can be accessorized by wearing a stethoscope, a white hat, white stockings held up with garters and wearing white nurses shoes.

    You can also dress up as a doctor wearing a medium length white jacket and carrying a stethoscope, white stockings, high heel shoes and a few items in your front pocket like pretend syringes and tongue depressors.

    The French maid costume is a very popular sexy female Halloween costume. This costume consists of a short black flared dress that shows lots of cleavage. The accessories consist of wearing a white lace trimmed apron and a white cap on the head. Fishnet stockings and high heels are a must for this costume. The only thing that the wearer has to carry is a very fluffy feather duster.

    Other sexy female Halloween costume ideas include dressing up as a fairy with a short dress and colorful wings, a gypsy, stripper, cowgirl or an Indian girl. Have fun dressing up in these costumes and wear plenty of stage makeup to bring these costumes to life.

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