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    Fancy a fling as a pharaoh this Halloween? Or maybe you long to vamp up the Nile as Cleopatra? It’s easy to create an Egyptian Halloween costume and it’s not expensive. These simple Egyptian Halloween costumes can be made for adults or children, and are based on plain white t shirt style nightwear.

    To make a male Egyptian Halloween costume, start with a plain white knee length white t shirt or bed shirt. It should have a plain neck, with no buttons or logos on the front.

    Take a length of gold card or fabric long enough to reach around the waist with a bit to spare for fastening. Stick Velcro strips on the ends for fasteners.

    Decorate the waistband with stick on jewels and Egyptian themed stickers.

    You can buy a cheap fake wig from a Halloween supply store or a glitter wig from a dollar store to make a wig for your Egyptian Halloween costume. Attach strips of gold cord to the wig, and thread the existing wig hair at the sides of the head with gold and blue beads. Knot the ends of the hair or add a dab of glue to stop the beads slipping off. If you have to, cut the wig at the front into straight bangs.

    Cut a piece of gold card long enough to go round the head with the wig on. Glue the ends together to make a ring. Cut a smaller piece of card in the shape of a snake’s head and glue it inside the gold ring at the front. Use small stick on red gemstones to give the snake eyes.

    For footwear, wear a plain pair of sandals and attach two long strips of brown fabric to the side leathers. Wind these strips up round your legs and tie off under the knee.

    To finish off the Egyptian Halloween costume, paint black lines around the eyes with a thick soft stick of kohl or an eye liner pencil.

    To make a female Egyptian Halloween costume, start with a plain floor length white women’s slip or night gown. It should be sleeveless, and low necked. Try the thrift shops to find a floor length gown in gold fabric or shiny material.

    Cut a length of gold card or fabric long enough to go round your waist. Overlap a little so you can secure the ends with glued on Velcro strips.

    Take another length of gold card or fabric and fold it over the front of the belt. It should be long enough to reach the upper thigh. Decorate the belt with stick gemstones.

    Cut a circle of gold card or fabric wide enough to cover your shoulders. Cut an inner circle wide enough to go round your neck with a little overlap. Secure the ends with Velcro. Glue glittery rick rack braid around the outer edge of the collar.

    Buy a fake long wig or glitter for your Egyptian Halloween costume and thread gold and blue beads on some of the strands of hair at the sides. Tie or dab the strands with glue to keep the beads in place.

    Make a head piece out of a pretty necklace, tying the ends with ribbon if the necklace doesn’t quite fit round the head. Load the arms with thick bangles and gold bracelets and wear pretty gold sandals. Line the eyes with kohl or black eye liner and wear your sultriest perfume.

    Don’t forget to walk like an Egyptian in your Egyptian Halloween costume!

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