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    A great way to complete your spooky Halloween costume is with a pair of Halloween contact lenses. Once just the province of movie special effects, Halloween contact lenses are now affordable and available to everyone.

    If you have ever wondered how your favorite scary movie characters get those amazing eye looks, the answer is Halloween contact lenses. Even rock stars have used them to get special looks for concerts, such as Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie.

    Halloween contact lenses used to have to be specially made at great expense, but now you can easily afford to set off your look with a pair.

    Most people can easily wear contact lenses, but you will need to have an eye examination from a professional optometrist first. Your eyes are not like everyone else’s so you will need to know the diameter of your eye so the correct contact lenses can be fitted.

    One of the biggest ranges of Halloween contact lenses online is at FX Eyes, where you can choose from a range of hand painted ready made lenses, or have a pair custom designed just for you. You can choose to get prescription lenses, if you already wear contacts, or non prescription, if you just want them for a special occasion.

    Halloween contact lenses come in many amazing looks. FX Eyes hand paint their Halloween contact lenses, which means you will find some very original designs in their range.

    For example, the Dragon Eyes are an exciting look. In the Green Dragon Eyes set, the whole of the eye is colored green and yellow, except for a slitted black pupil in the center. In the Red Dragon Eyes look, the whole eye is colored red and yellow with a black pupil.

    The Marilyn Manson set is one of the freakiest Halloween contact lenses. Here, the iris of the eye is colored white with black pupils and a black line around the iris.

    The sclera Halloween contact lenses color the whole eye. The Black sclera lenses cover the eye with shiny black, while the Blood Shot Sclera makes the eye look as if it is filled with blood. Another sclera, the Dead Eye, covers the eye with an eerie white film.

    For the freakiest eyes of all, you can’t beat flames. The FX Eye Flame has flames leaping up from the lower part of the eye, while the rest of the eye is colored black.

    The prices at FX Eyes range from $100 for a set of white Out Halloween contact lenses that cover the iris with white leaving just a black spot over the pupil, to $349 for the Dragon and Flame sets.

    You should care for your Halloween contact lenses as you would a normal pair of corrective contact lenses. Never ever share your contact lenses with anyone else. Contact lenses are likely to pick up and spread serious eye infections. Cleaning your Halloween contact lenses can be more tricky because they are painted, but ask your supplier about a special lens cleaner that won’t remove the paint.

    If you take care of them, you can wear your Halloween contact lenses for special occasions with no likelihood of eye damage.

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