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  • Halloween Make Up Kit: What You Need

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    For example, instant ghostly paleness can be achieved by powdering your face with a little white cornstarch or talcum powder. If you want the powder to stick, use light colored make up foundation or a thin coat of cold cream on your face first.

    You don't have to buy expensive greasepaint for your Halloween make up kit. Try mixing cheap foundation in a pale color with a few drops of green food coloring for foundation that will give your face a grisly pallor.
    Look out for cheap lipsticks and eye shadows at mark down prices for your Halloween make up kit. Look for blood red and bright scarlet lipsticks, and eye shadow sticks in shades of green, purple and black.

    Eyebrow pencils and lip pencils are great for drawing on lines and scars. The colors to look for are black, brown, purple, bright red and all shades of green.

    Dont forget to stock up on glitter make up. When you can buy this cheaply add it to your Halloween make up kit for some interesting effects.

    If you can't buy glitter make up and gel cheaply enough, make your own. Get finely powdered glitter from craft stores and add it to cheap foundation or plain Vaseline.

    You can make an eerie ghoulish glitter Halloween make up by add a few drops of green food coloring and some green and silver glitter to Vaseline. Rub it over your face, neck and arms.

    Fake blood can be made by adding red food coloring to corn syrup, or for really sticky realistic blood, add some food coloring to condensed milk. You can keep extra corn syrup blood in your Halloween make up kit, but if you use condensed milk, keep any leftovers in the fridge.

    Joke and novelty shops are great places to find cheap stuff for your Halloween make up kit. Keep a good stock of fake plastic scars, warts, fangs and boils. You can sometimes pick up real greasepaint make up quite cheaply at these stores as well.

    Other items to put in your Halloween make up kit that will come in handy are cotton wool balls and tissues and not just for cleaning off your make up! Cotton wool balls can be molded into bumps and blemishes, and tissue paper can give your face a realistic scarred look if it is damped and molded on.

    Once you start collecting things for your Halloween make up kit, you won't know where to stop! Youll find yourself haunting make up counters and craft shops for new ideas. Soon you will need somewhere to keep your Halloween make up kit.

    One of the best containers for your Halloween make up kit is a plastic tool box or fishermens tackle box. These boxes have shelves and different compartments where you can store your Halloween make up kit, ready for any occasion when you want to dress the chill!

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