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  • Taking Care of Halloween Wigs

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    Good Halloween wigs are an expensive item, but worth it to complete a special costume. You will find that if you look after your Halloween wigs properly, they will last much longer and be ready for any special occasion.

    First, when you are buying a good Halloween wig, make sure it fits properly. Be wary of the `one size fits all’ tag.

    When you put your wig on, lay it flat first with the inside facing up. The back of the wig is where the label is. This should be at the top of your wig when it is lying in front of you. Now grasp the wig at the back where the label is and slide it over your hairline.

    Draw the wig down to meet the top of your neck, making sure the front of the wig is sitting securely on your hairline. If the wig is too tight or too loose, choose another. The wig should fit like a snug cap but not squeezing your head, or it will simply pop off. If your wig is adjustable, adjust it to suit.

    When you remove your wig, give it a gentle shake and place it on a head stand, or in its original box. A head stand is best, as the wig can best maintain its original style. Wigs should be stored at room temperature. Avoid extreme heat and humidity. If you store it in a box, make sure the wig isn’t crushed or creased or it will pick up what is called a 'cold set', making kinks and crimps that are hard to restyle.

    Wigs should be stored at room temperature. Avoid extreme heat or humidity as this might make the wig go frizzy.

    You can wear your Halloween wig several times before it needs to be washed. The longer you leave it between washings, the better. Try to use products specifically designed for wigs, such as a wig brush and wig cleaner.

    Brush your Halloween wig thoroughly before cleaning, and wash in a sink or bowl with wig shampoo and cold water. Don’t scrub the wig or handle it roughly, just gently swish it about in the water.

    Rinse the wig thoroughly in clean cold water and lay on a towel. Lay another towel over the top of the wig and gently blot it dry.

    You can use a conditioning spray made especially for your Halloween wig and allow to dry naturally, but not in direct sunlight. Use a large bottle to hang the wig while it is drying. Never use a hair dryer as the heat can damage your wig. Don’t stretch the wig while it is still wet (such as over a head stand) as this may stretch it out of shape.

    You can style your wig using your fingertips, if it is a shaggy style, or a wig brush, if it is a smooth style.

    If your wig picks up static electricity and goes frizzy, lightly spritz it with cold water and smooth it with a wig brush.

    You can change the style of your wig by teasing it for more fullness, plaiting or twisting it – but don’t get too ambitious! Unless you are an expert cutter, trying to trim it at home is rarely successful. Cutting is best done by a professional with the wig on your own head.

    If you take good care of your Halloween wigs, you can use them over and over, restyling to suit your current needs.

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