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  • 80s Halloween Costume Ideas: Easy and Inexpensive

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    There’s no better time than Halloween to create a blast from the past. Whether you have fond memories of the 1980’s or simply want to experience punk rock culture for an evening, you can easily and inexpensively create an 80s Halloween costume that will have all of your friends saying “Like totally awesome, dude!” Read on for tips on how to create several memorable 80s Halloween costume ideas.

    Do you remember the aerobics craze of the 1980’s? An aerobics 80s Halloween costume is extremely easy to put together. In fact, you may already have most of the items you need at home. Start with a stretchy leotard over tight spandex pants in a bright color. Next, add a big, roomy shirt over the leotard; tying the shirt to one side. Put your hair up in a high ponytail; add some sweatbands and a hair band and you’re set to go!

    For an 80s Halloween costume that really reflects the signs of the times, opt for a totally chick look. Grab a big off the shoulder sweater and pair it with either a pair of tight jeans or a pair of brightly colored leggings. Add 2 pairs, not just one, of brightly colored slouch socks along with a pair of sneakers. When it comes to your hair you can either tie it up in a high pony-tail or tease and pouf for a really realistic look. To top everything off, apply some blue eye shadow, bright pink lipstick, large hoop earrings and plenty of bangle bracelets.

    An 80s Halloween costume just wouldn’t be complete with a tribute to Miami Vice. For those of you who loved the show during its heyday or simply like to catch it in re-runs; here are a few easy tips for achieving that fer sher cool look. Start with a brightly colored pastel suit. Make sure you flip up the collar on the jacket and push up the sleeves on the arms. Forego shaving for a few days to achieve that scruffy stubble look. Grab a pair of shades, leave the socks at home, slip on some loafers and you’re ready to step back in time.

    Ready for a really unique 80s Halloween costume idea? Turn yourself into a Rubic’s cube and go for the gold! This is a very simple and inexpensive costume because all you need is a large appliance box. Map out the blocks on the box with a pencil and then color in the appropriate colors using either markers or poster paint.

    Remember Mr. T? Now you can turn him into a 80s Halloween costume. Pull on a pair of ripped blue jeans, top them with a blue jean vest and add plenty of thick, gold chains and gold knuckle rings. To complete the look visit the salon to have your hair shaved into a T-top style or scrounge up an appropriate hair piece.

    If you feel like singing the blues this Halloween there couldn’t be a better 80s Halloween costume idea than the Blues Brothers. Pull a black suit and white button down shirt from your closet and pair them with black dress shoes and a black hat. Slip on the black wayfers and you’ve got a costume that sure to be the hit of the night.

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