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    Halloween isn’t just for kids! This year you and your significant other can plan to have some ghoulish fun of your own. Although most Halloween parties don’t make it a requirement, imagine how much more fun your evening would be with a simple adult Halloween costume for couple idea.

    With a little creativity you can avoid the high prices of most costume shops and come up with an inexpensive adult Halloween costume idea that’s bound to win first prize for ingenuity. Check out some of these adult Halloween costume ideas:

    There are so many different and unique ideas you can create from a set of boxes. To create a matched set of dice adult Halloween costume for couple, paint two cardboard boxes white. Next, cut out multiple circles from construction paper and glue them in strategic places on the boxes to create the right look. Each of you slip on a turtleneck (or T-shirt if the weather is warm) and a pair of black leggings and you’re ready to roll!

    Along the same lines, the two of you can go as playing cards for a fun adult Halloween costume for couple set. Choose which cards you want to be and then using magic markers; draw the requisite number of symbols of four pieces of poster board. Punch holes in the tops and sides and then run cord through the holes to create straps for the shoulders and sides.

    For a really simple and inexpensive couple Halloween costume, use two white sheets to create matching togas. Purchase several yards of brightly colored fabric (preferably royal purple) from the craft store and drape them from one shoulder, using small safety pins to secure them. To finish the look, craft a headband from gold pipecleaners.

    Can’t wait for Christmas? This year attend your Halloween party as a Christmas tree and present. With a little fabric, some odds and ends and a cardboard box you can easily create this grown up Halloween costume for couple idea. All you need is several yards of green fabric, some garland and non-breakable Christmas tree ornaments to make the Christmas tree. To make the present, grab a handy cardboard box and wrap it in brightly colored gift wrap. Stick a large bow on either your or your partner’s head and you’re ready to move right on past Halloween to the Holiday Season.

    If you are looking to have a little fun with a classic cliché consider a gold digger and Mr. Moneybags adult Halloween costume for couple idea. Search you through closet or a thrift store for a gold tone dress and shoes. Complete the gold digger look with small shovels that have been painted gold. These can be easily attached with a needle and thread. The Mr. Moneybags look can be easily attained with any 3-piece suit and tons of play money. If you’re using a suit that you don’t plan to wear again, glue the money strategically on the suit.

    For those of you who really like your condiments, consider going as mustard and ketchup this year. This can be easily accomplished with a set of red and yellow jogging suits. Using fabric paint write Ketchup on the red suit and Mustard on the yellow suit. For a different take, you can also easily create a Salt and Pepper adult Halloween couple costume set using a set of black and white jogging suits and the same idea.

    If anyone has ever accused the two of you of being glued together at the hip you can prove them right this year with a Siamese Twins costume. Wear your normal clothing; or a matched set of clothing for a real ‘twin’ look and then use large safety pins to secure your clothing together at any body parts you wish!

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