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    All those baby firsts are special and baby’s first Halloween costume is certainly no different. Choosing among the many different baby Halloween costume ideas available today, however, can be difficult. Not only are the various baby Halloween costumes so cute it makes the decision difficult, but there are several factors you need to take into consideration.

    One of the first factors, you need to think about when considering baby Halloween costume ideas for your little pumpkin this year is the age of your baby. If your child is six months old or under, you might want to think about going with a costume that is relatively simple. While the act of dressing up your little one for this holiday is fun for you, it can be exhausting for your baby. This is especially true if the costume you choose has a lot of detail. Try to avoid costumes that contain a lot of embellishment and scratchy stiff material that could irritate your baby’s sensitive skin.

    If your baby is between the ages of six months and one year, you can have a little more flexibility in your choice of baby Halloween costume ideas, but do try to keep your child’s comfort in mind at all times. Also, remember that you may need to make a quickie diaper change so keep that in mind when choosing costumes as well.

    In addition to your child’s age, you will also need to give some thought to the type of weather you’re likely to have on Halloween night when choosing a baby Halloween costume. In many parts of the Southern and Western United States; Halloween is typically quite warm.

    Therefore, costumes that are made of a heavy fabric can become quite uncomfortable very quickly—especially for babies. On the other hand, if your live in a cooler climate you may need that extra warmth to keep your bundle of joy warm as the temperatures begin to dip in late October.

    Costume shops and most discount stores offer a wide variety of baby Halloween costumes and it can be easy to go overboard and spend a small fortune on your baby’s first Halloween costume. If you don’t have that kind of extra money to spend, or simply prefer to keep things inexpensive this first year; don’t feel as though your child has to go without a cute costume. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    Leggings and sweat suits can be made into multiple different kinds of baby Halloween costume ideas. Some of the most popular infant Halloween costumes are animal costumes; which can be easily made from a fuzzy sweat suit, including a sheep, puppy, bunny, turtle, kitty, tiger, cow, ladybug, pig, dragon, mouse, butterfly, bear and skunk.

    For most of these costumes all you will need is a hooded sweat suit in the right color for your selection and the following items: cotton batting, black or white tube socks, felt, craft paint, fabric glue and a headband. Some costume may need a little faux fur for added embellishment. After the costume is made you can draw on a cute nose and whiskers with some washable non-toxic Halloween makeup to create a realistic look for your baby’s Halloween costume.

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