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  • Craft Halloween Decoration: The Perfect Family Activity

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    Nothing spells family fun better than Fall. As the temperatures begin to drop, this is the perfect time to gather the family together to create a craft Halloween decoration that’s both fun to make and enjoy throughout the month of October.

    If you’re looking for a new and unique way to present treats to the little goblins and ghouls showing up at your door this Halloween, why not gather the family together to create personalized treat bags? Start with plain brown paper lunch bags and use colored markers to create a variety of funny faces. Colored raffia can be glued on to create the effect of hair. With this craft Halloween decoration, you’ll easily be remembered as the best house on the block!

    A craft Halloween decoration doesn’t necessarily have to be made before Halloween; however. Almost everyone has tons of candy leftover after the big day, but simply doesn’t know what to do with it. Swing by the produce market and pick up a pumpkin on clearance and you’ve got everything you need for a family fun night.

    Leftover candy can be easily glued onto the shell of the pumpkin to create the face of a jack-o-lantern. The best part about this type of jack-o-lantern is that it will last longer than a traditional jack-o-lantern. The fact that it’s not carved will prevent it from rotting.

    Looking to set the mood with something creepy and crawly? Consider creating a whole invasion of spiders! They’re easy to create with large black pom-poms that can be purchased at almost any craft store, black pipe cleaners, and wiggly eyes; also found at craft stores.

    Each spider will need four pipe cleaners. Attach with glue and bend them as desired. Finally, glue the eyes on the spider. You can also attack strings of black yarn to your new spiders so that they can be hung from the ceiling or almost anywhere to create the perfect craft Halloween decoration.

    How about a sweet way to greet your trick or treaters this year? With some cheap candy and an inexpensive wreath, you can do just that. Hot glue an assortment of hard candies to the wreath and top with a bow of your choice. Hang this sweet craft Halloween decoration on your door to greet your little goblins in style.

    Even young children can easily take part in creating a craft Halloween decoration. They’ll love this haunted house project that’s both fun to make and eat. Begin by gathering 2 containers of chocolate frosting, 2 empty 1 qt milk cartons, a large tray or piece of heavy cardboard covered with foil and a variety of candies, pretzels, graham crackers and other candy decorations.

    Next, rinse and dry the milk cartons thoroughly. Tape each milk carton closed at the top and then tape them together to form the beginnings of your haunted house. Wrap with foil and attach to the tray. Frost the house and let the kids have fun decorating, and then eating.

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