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    Halloween is an extremely festive time of the year; people decorate their homes--inside as well as out--with various different lights and decorations, numerous parties are thrown, and people of all ages dress up in scary, silly, or even sexy Halloween costumes.

    For an adult, one of the best parts of Halloween can be selecting and wearing a couple Halloween costume, in which a person and their mate wear matching Halloween costumes. This doesn't always mean they have to match exactly, but couple Halloween costumes do usually correlate to the same theme, such as kings and queens or princes and princesses.

    An interesting--and not too often seen--couples Halloween costume idea is a cat and a dog. Cats and dogs are not too often seen together, but the generations have always wondered about and poked fun at the idea of cats and dogs getting together and possibly even mating, so why not use that to your advantage this Halloween?

    As a couple, the costumed versions of cat and dog will look great together, especially if the color schemes in the costumes match one another. You can make it as easy as wearing matching ears and tails and maybe a little face makeup, or even go so far as to wearing whole outfits, complete with whiskers and fur. That depends on you and your partner, your budget, and the social occasion, of course.

    Another great, and increasingly popular, Halloween costume for a couple is a jailer and a prisoner. The jailer and the prisoner is an easy and fun one, and it's great for adults. The jailer outfit can be easily put together with a police uniform, with maybe a cap and even a baseball bat or club dangling from the hip for effect.

    The prisoner, of course wears a black and white striped set of pajama style clothes, or an orange jumpsuit stamped on the back with the name of some unknown county if you want to be more current with your theme.

    To complete the effect, the jailer can wear a ball and chain--fake, of course--which can be purchased at a party store or a seasonal Halloween prop store. If you really want to keep your mate close to you, the jailer and the prisoner are often seen chained together as well, so a pair of novelty hand cuffs may even be in order.

    While on the subject of great couples Halloween costumes, let's discuss the type of couples Halloween costume that might not be as big a hit as you might like. On the top ten list of Couples Halloween Costume don'ts is the front and back end of ANY animal.

    Being the head of a horse or cow may be all well and good, but being the back end of one certainly isn't very fun or festive, unless the wearer is in unusually high spirits. Basically, any type of Halloween costume for couples that favors one person and is completely unfair to another is a couples Halloween costume no-no.

    Have fun with your couples Halloween costume! Use your imagination and be creative; if you just don't have it in you, your local costume shop should have lots of great ideas for a get up for you and your significant other.

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