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    One image that is practically synonymous with Halloween is that of a menacing looking arched back black cat. Theme Halloween party decorations with a cat motif are abundant in many stores during the weeks leading up to Halloween. And for the budget conscious party host, home made cat decorations are very easy to do. Use these cat theme Halloween party ideas to instruct and inspire you in planning fantastic feline festival.

    Now hosting a cat theme Halloween party doesn't mean you have to stick to the menacing black cat image that has become inextricably associated with the holiday. You can suggest that guests can pick a favorite cartoon cat such as Heathcliff, Garfield, the Pink Panther or the Cat in the Hat.

    You can suggest cat costumes with an individual flair such as a magician cat, a baseball cat, a studious cat, a jeweled cat or a one-eyed cat. You've heard of Superman, how about Supercat. Other possibilities are as limitless as the imagination.

    For your cat theme Halloween party, invitations are obvious. Simply cut out cat shapes from construction paper. You can go with all black cat cut outs or cut cat shapes from different colored stock. Use a different cat shapes for different colors.

    For templates, you can use cookie cutters or create patterns by cutting the cat shapes out of cardboard. Write the invitation copy in silver or white ink or print and paste. Another option is to simply write or type your invitation on cat themed paper, which yo can buy or make using rubber stamps or clip-art.

    You can add a little humor when you mail out the invitations for your cat theme Halloween party. Cut out tail shapes from construction paper. Then paste them onto the back of the envelope in such a way that it looks like the tail got stuck sticking out when you sealed the envelope.

    Cat them Halloween party decorations are readily available in all shapes and sizes, but if you want less of a commercial look for your event use these do-it-yourself craft project ideas to make your own. First, select one or more cat-shapes in small, medium and large sizes. Cut out as many as possible. Sprinkle the small cats on tabletops. Hang large and medium sized cats from the ceiling using clear fishing line. Hang some from stairway railings, mantels, and potted tree limbs. Tape some to walls, doors and windows.

    Besides cat shapes cut out of colored construction paper, you can decorate for your cat theme Halloween party using paper plates and balloons. Use black paper plates and cut out or paint cat facial features. Use black pipe cleaners for whiskers. Hang the black cat faces from the ceiling, stairway rails, mantels and potted tree limbs with clear fishing line.

    You can also create cat faces on balloons. For eyes you can use felt-top markers or googly eyes. Draw the mouth and nose with a felt-top marker. Choose black, orange and yellow balloons, fill them with helium, add the cat faces, and let them float to the ceiling and tie some to chairs, tables and lamps.

    There are several lighted cat theme Halloween party decorations you can employ to illuminate walkways and backyard party areas. Buy a dozen or so small pumpkins, either real pumpkins or artificial carvable pumpkins, and carve cat faces in them. Then use them as luminaries. You can also make luminaries from posterboard.

    In Mary Engelbreit's Autumn Craft Book, you can see a lively example of a cat theme luminaria along with abridged instructions for creating your own. A third possibility is to create or buy cat theme lanterns.

    A cat theme Halloween party is purrfect for those who want to celebrate while avoiding the macabre, and what some consider evil or satanic, elements associated with Halloween. It is suitable for a kid Halloween party them or an adult Halloween party theme. For more decorating ideas, check out the books listed in the sources section below.

    Adapted from The Penny Whistle Halloween Book, by Meredith Brokaw and Annie Gilbar (Fireside).

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