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  • Halloween Yard Decoration Ideas: Large-Scale Pumpkin-Based Scenes

    Joiedomi Halloween Pumpkin Wizard Inflatable for Halloween Yard Decor Outdoor Decoratio (8 ft Tall)
    Joiedomi Halloween Pumpkin Wizard Inflatable for Halloween Yard Decor Outdoor Decoratio (8 ft Tall)
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    Airblown Inflatable Gemmy Lights Pumpkin Reaper 3.5'
    Airblown Inflatable Gemmy Lights Pumpkin Reaper 3.5'
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    7.5 Foot Long Halloween Inflatable Pumpkins Yard Decoration
    7.5 Foot Long Halloween Inflatable Pumpkins Yard Decoration
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    For Halloween yard decoration that is unique and boisterous, skip the silly inflatable Halloween decoration and mass-produced Halloween decoration props to which your lazy neighbors will resort. Instead, make use of a natural fall Halloween decoration, the fruit that has become an integral part of the Halloween celebration in the United States: the pumpkin.

    I'm not talking about carving a few jack-o'-lanterns; I'm talking about creating an elaborate, scary outdoors Halloween decoration scene. In his book, Extreme Pumpkins: Diabolical Do-It-Yourself Designs to Amuse Your Friends and Scare Your Neighbors, Tom Nardone provides a slew of great pumpkin-based Halloween yard decoration ideas on page 25.

    Nardone couches those ideas in a sidebar that is included in the instructions for crafting a rather simple yet slightly elaborate "Property Defender" pumpkin, featuring a "vengeful pumpkin [that] has slain all the other pumpkins and stands triumphant atop the heap, with pumpkin guts dripping from his hands and an unapologetic smirk on his face." The project uses three progressively larger pumpkins arranged for outside, to be sure. Using the same basic concept, it is easy to expand on the idea and make your own Halloween decoration "Pumpkin Carnage Scenes" in your front yard - or back yard, if your doing Halloween party decorating.

    As an example, I will expand on the idea at the top of the list on page 25: a pumpkin funeral. While it may seem like a tame scenario, with a little imagination one can create a homemade Halloween outdoor decoration with a unique and engaging character, not to mention scary and extremely cool. Obviously, for the deceased, you are going to want a small casket, either fully open or only open at the top.

    Carve the face of the deceased with Xs for eyes, two nostril holes, and long, thin mouth. Add a preacher pumpkin, a widow pumpkin, and one or two kid pumpkins along with two to four more adult pumpkin attendees, all with carved sad expressions for their "faces."

    Naturally, you want this funeral to take place at a graveyard. So, create a small stand that will be used to suspend the casket above the surface of the lawn, so it looks like the casket is ready to be lowered into the ground. Go a step further to make this a really cool Halloween decoration scene by adding a scary looking grave digger pumpkin, next to a small mound of dirt with a shovel sticking up, who is waiting for the funeral to conclude.

    Maybe for one of the kids, use Nardone's puking pumpkin technique to depict the kid vomiting at the sight of the dead father pumpkin. Add glow sticks to create lighted Halloween decorations out of the carved pumpkins along with a few weathered styrofoam headstones, and maybe use a fog machine to make it all really creepy.

    Halloween yard decoration ideas crafted as large-scale pumpkin-based scenes offer plenty of opportunity for creativity, as we have seen. If you want to add a Halloween tree decoration to the funeral scene, simply add a ghost pumpkin, or two. Start by painting the pumpkin white. Once the white paint has dried, coat the pumpkin with glow-in-the-dark paint.

    Next, carve a jack-o'-lantern out of the thing. Once that is done, toss in a glow stick and suspend it from a branch using either black electrical wire or heavy-test fishing line. Now you have a Halloween tree decoration that creates a consistent look throughout the scene.

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