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  • A Few Lighted Halloween Decoration Do-It-Yourself Craft Projects

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    Decorative lighted Halloween decorations can serve two important functions. First, they can help set the festive atmosphere for Halloween parties and for trick-or-treaters on Halloween. Second, they can serve a security and safety function by providing illumination of walkways to your home and of backyard or garden areas used for entertaining party guests. This article will present several lighted Halloween decorations do-it-yourself craft projects suitable for familial activity.

    The obvious lighted Halloween decoration is the carved pumpkin jack-o'-lantern. To light up a walkway or party areas, purchase a dozen or so small coconut-sized pumpkins. For less work with so many pumpkins, you may want to go with the artificial carvable pumpkin.

    In creating the carved design for your lighted Halloween decorations, there are several options. You can carve facial features to create traditional-looking jack-o-lanterns. You can simply cut out holes, squares, diamonds, etc. You can create outline designs by carving out thin chunks. You could do all of the above.

    Whatever you decide, draw out the design on paper and trace it onto each pumpkin or draw the design directly on each pumpkin. Drawing out the design first will save you from making mistakes. If you do make a mistake, pin the piece back in place with toothpicks. The Penny Whistle Halloween Book has a helpful section dedicated to pumpkins.

    You can also create non-pumpkin luminaria lighted Halloween decorations. In Mary Englebreits's Autumn Craft, you will find abridged instructions for creating luminaria from posterboard. The project photo features a black cat and crescent moon with an orange tissue background. There are no patterns accompanying the project, so you will need to look elsewhere for designs to transfer onto the posterboard, unless you are good at freehand drawing.

    Besides carved pumpkins and luminaria, consider lanterns for lighted Halloween decorations. A beautifully crafted mosaic pumpkin lantern is shown in the project picture presented in Hocus Pocus! Halloween Crafts For A Spooktacular Holiday. The text gives complete materials list, detailed instructions and four jack-o'-lanterns patterns for each side of the lantern. I you want to create a variety of mosaic lanterns, you can substitute other patterns and colored glass.

    Another possibility for a lighted Halloween decoration is a painted lantern. Instructions for creating painted lanterns is also provided in Hocus Pocus! Halloween Crafts For A Spooktacular Holiday. The presented projects include painted witch and bat lanterns. The patterns for this project could be used for the mosaic lantern project and vice versa. You will need to enlarge or reduce the patterns to an appropriate size using a photocopier.

    A final lighted Halloween decoration do-it-yourself craft project is gel cauldron candles. Again, Hocus Pocus! Halloween Crafts For A Spooktacular Holiday comes to the rescue with a detailed materials list and instructions. This project requires melting and pouring gel within specific heat tolerances, so patience and a candy thermometer are both necessary. Sources for mini cauldrons include stores and web sites may offer them in the weeks leading up to Halloween.

    These lighted Halloween decoration do-it-yourself craft projects are relatively simple and easy to do. They are great ideas for familial activities for parents with children over six years of age. And a few of the lighted Halloween decorations placed in strategic areas are all you need to convey a festive Halloween atmosphere if you want to forego the efforts to create an elaborate production this year.


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