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  • Baby Halloween Costume: Should You Buy One?

    Rubie's Costume Noah's Ark Pinky Winky Monster Romper Costume
    Rubie's Costume Noah's Ark Pinky Winky Monster Romper Costume
    Incharacter Baby Tiger Tot Costume
    Incharacter Baby Tiger Tot Costume
    InCharacter Baby Lil' Monkey Costume
    InCharacter Baby Lil' Monkey Costume

    Buying a baby Halloween costume can be a lot of fun. The little costumes can be so cute that you just cant help yourself. In fact, if its your baby's first Halloween chances are you'll receive a costume from a friend, grandparent, or other family member who just couldn't resist a cute baby Halloween costume, either! Of course, babies are cute enough but the idea of a baby dressed up in the perfect costume is irresistible.

    From clowns, to animals, to flowers, and popular characters you'll be sure to see a baby Halloween costume that fits into just about every category of cute. Its fun just to envision a little baby swaddled in these clothes of cuteness, let alone buying them. But, should you buy them? Is your child really ready to go trick-or-treating?

    Many parents run right out and buy one of the cutest baby Halloween money can buy expecting a long night out of people oohing and ahhing over their little bundle of joy. Then, the big night comes and they slip on the cute baby Halloween costume only to find their baby cant stand the feel of the costume!

    The loving and well intentioned parent tries and tries to get the baby comfortable to no avail, and finally, the cute baby Halloween costume is stripped off without ever having been worn.

    Unless you have a very patient and laid back baby, a costume probably isn't a good idea. Most costumes are made of material that just isn't the most comfortable, especially to a baby's skin, so their tolerance will fade quickly.

    If you want your baby to look festive for Halloween, there are always a ton of cute Halloween clothes that you can buy in place of an actual baby Halloween costume. These clothes are made of the same soft fabric that your little one wears every day, so there shouldn't be an issue.

    When your baby gets a little bit older, you should still think comfort. Comfort always has to come before cuteness the first few years with costumes. If the material is binding or scratchy, veto the idea on the spot. Soft fabrics that are loose and breathe well are the best bets.

    Avoiding hats, hoods, masks, and anything that must be attached to the head is a good idea for those first baby Halloween costumes. Kids don't like what they aren't familiar with, and until they get used to the rituals and fun associated with Halloween and candy they get, they wont tolerate much at all.

    Until your child is ready to go out with a great costume on and trick-or-treat, enjoy the quiet time of just staying home and handing out candy. Before you know it, you'll be worrying about the cost and quality of the costumes they do want!

    While you can buy or make the cutest baby Halloween costume ever, remember to think of comfort first. Its okay to dress up your baby and to buy a costume as long as you understand it may not actually be worn much at all. As kids get older they are a lot more fun to buy costumes with, until then just enjoy handing out candy to the costumed trick-or-treaters who knock on your door!

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