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  • A Couple Halloween Costume: Make A Statement

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    A couple Halloween costume can be a lot of fun for any couple that loves Halloween and loves to draw attention to the fact that they are a couple. If you consider a couple Halloween costume you need to know that you are setting yourself to get a lot of attention, both good and bad.

    Many people will think the idea that you are in a costume together is really funny and even cute, and then there will be those people who will roll their eyes and wonder where your individuality went.

    If you really want to go this route though, don’t consider what other people will think, just have a great time dressing up together and have a lot of fun showing off the obvious fact that you are a very in sync couple. What better way to make a statement as a couple than to dress up in coordinating costumes?

    In general, a couple costume is a lot of fun. If you and your mate decide you’d like to dress up in a couple costume start brainstorming early so that you can both agree on a costume that will suitable for any parties you go to, as well as fit both of your lifestyles and personalities. If you want a lot of attention you should pick a couple Halloween costume that is flashy and will naturally draw attention.

    If you want a couple costume that is cute and coordinated consider something that will draw a bit less attention. For instance, if you want to be a ball and chain for Halloween you’re probably going to draw quite a bit of attention because it’s flashy and attention seeking. If you want a couple Halloween costume that isn’t quite so loud consider being Peter Pan and Tinker Bell or something similar.

    Couple Halloween costumes can still be fun even if they aren’t quite as flashy, so just think about it and get with your mate to decide what will be most suitable.

    If you are looking for a couple Halloween costume you can usually buy them for a reasonable price at most Halloween shops. A lot of the time these costumes can be bought even more cheaply when they are sold as a set. When you buy couple Halloween costumes as a set you can often get them for as little as forty dollars and that isn’t bad for two Halloween costumes!

    If you want a couple Halloween costume but you’d rather not buy it you can always rent. Many costume rental shops have great couples costumes and you can rent them for as little as thirty dollars or so. Not a bad deal at all!

    A couple Halloween costume is a lot of fun for any couple that wants to make a statement, big or small. Couples can have a great time when they are dressed up together as it sort of bonds them in a fun, unique way that they don’t bond in on a day to day basis.

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