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    Some people treat their dogs like members of their families, and why shouldn’t they? Every dog has their own personality so why not let them in on holidays such as Halloween by adorning them in a dog Halloween Costume? A dog Halloween costume can round out a family theme, or the dog can be dressed up simply to amuse trick-or-treaters and passersby.

    Dog Halloween costumes have long been popular with a sort of subculture that regularly dresses their dogs in sweaters, shirts, hats, and other accessories, but in recent years the trend has taken off among people who don’t ordinarily dress their dogs. Dog costumes make people laugh, and for some reason the idea of your dog dressed up as a superhero or just about anything is irresistible.

    These days, during Halloween you can usually find a dog Halloween just about as easily as finding one for a person. Sure, there may not be as wide of a selection but if you dog has been thinking about dressing up, hes in luck! Ballerinas, superheroes, Elvis, and today’s most popular cartoon characters are some of the most common picks.

    When shopping for your dog Halloween costume you’ll need to know how big he is. How tall he is usually wont matter as much as how large around he is. Before leaving home, measure the widest part of his middle section and neck to get an idea of what sizes to look for.

    On most dog costumes they give a dimension so that you can get the best fit for your dog. If possible, shop at a pet store where your dog is welcome to come try his dog Halloween costume on. If he’s allowed to try it on at the store you’re sure to get something that you both like, and also ensure proper fitting.

    On the night of Halloween, be sure to be patient with your furry friend and his dog Halloween costume. If your dog isn’t accustomed to wearing clothes, he may not take well to it, even for just a night. Make sure you are going to be in his presence while the dog Halloween costume is on so that he doesn’t chew or swallow anything he shouldn’t.

    Your best bet is to put the costume on just before you go to a party or somewhere, and only expect him to leave it on for an hour or so. Sure, a costume may look cute, but your furry friend doesn’t realize that, he just knows that he doesn’t feel comfortable! So, look quick while he still looks cute!

    A dog Halloween costume really is a cute idea, in theory. But, most pet owners find when they get them home and on the dog that they aren’t such a big hit with their pets. Yep, they look cute but they rarely stay on straight because of the way the dog moves, and dogs usually don’t appreciate them much. So, if you get one, be patient and understanding and take a picture right away!

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