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    An Elmo Halloween costume is a great pick for just about any child under the age of seven. Kids of all ages will love an Elmo Halloween costume because he is a lovable character that everyone will recognize. Elmo is one of Sesame Streets most popular characters ever, why not dress up as such a popular guy?

    An Elmo Halloween costume will work for just about any aged child because the costumes can be customized to fit any size, age, or comfort level. Because an Elmo Halloween costume doesn’t have to be a certain way with a mask, foot coverings, or anything else—it can be totally catered to your styles.

    You can always buy your pre-fabricated Elmo Halloween costume. You should expect to pay anywhere from twelve to thirty dollars for the costume, depending on where you buy it and the quality. Typically, the better quality the more comfortable the outfit is, so if you have a child that has sensitive skin or won’t tolerate scratchy material you should go for something a bit better.

    Shop around a little bit for your Elmo Halloween costume and compare what you can get for your money. If you shop around you might actually find that you can get more for your money than you thought.

    You can also decide to make your own Elmo Halloween costume. If you are creative and want to attempt the Elmo costume, go for it! You can have a lot of fun making a Elmo Halloween costume, and it will likely get a lot more attention than a costume you buy at the store that just anyone can pick up for a few dollars.

    Not that the store bought Elmo costumes aren’t adorable, but anything unique gets a lot more attention. If you decide to make your own Elmo Halloween costume, think about entering in costume contests for some fun!

    An Elmo Halloween costume is even doable for a baby, although you’ll have to do something a bit different. For a baby you can simply dress them all in red, with a picture of Elmo on the shirt. While this isn’t exactly a costume, it gets the idea across while leaving your baby comfortable enough to enjoy the day.

    This type of costume can also work well for a toddler who fidgets a lot and will not leave a costume on for more than a couple of minutes. While this isn’t the fanciest costume, it works, and your baby or toddler will be comfortable but still be able to feel a part of the holiday.

    An Elmo Halloween costume truly is ideal for any child no matter how old they are, or how much of a costume they are willing to put up with. You can modify the costume as little or as much as you need to suit your child’s needs.

    Elmo is not only a perfect character to be as a child, if you are a parent and want to impress your children, you can dress up like Elmo. Find a costume shop, or even make your own costume, have fun with it and make your child giggle!

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