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    A newborn Halloween costume can be a lot of fun to shop for and buy, and seeing your little one dressed up as a little pea in a pod, fairy princess, or some sort of animal can be very amusing and worth a few pictures, for sure.

    But, when choosing a newborn Halloween costume you need to give a lot of thought into the comfort and safety of the costume. Newborns are cute, so long as they are comfortable and safe, and with costumes there is a lot that can go wrong if you aren’t careful.

    Dressing your baby in a newborn Halloween costume is fun and exciting, but when you are shopping you need to really think about what you are purchasing. Overly bulk newborn Halloween costumes can cause problems if they obstruct your baby’s airway in any way.

    Most parents think about how the costume will fit when they are holding the child, but many don’t think about what will happen if the baby’s head turns in an awkward manner or if you place them in a car seat while dressed in their costume. Manufacturers also don’t think about all the variables of what could happen, so you need to protect your child by considering every element of the newborn Halloween costume.

    When buying a newborn Halloween costume it’s actually better if the costume does not have a headpiece at all. Yes, sometimes it’s the headpiece that makes the costume that much cuter, but most of the time if there is a problem it’s with something that is supposed to fit on the head of the child.

    If you do want a newborn Halloween costume that has a headpiece, be sure that it fits snuggly and will not slip or slide as the child moves or squirms. If the baby falls asleep, it’s a good idea to take the headpiece off altogether, as it’s better to be safe than sorry.

    In addition to the headpiece, you’ll also want to pay attention to the fabric that the child may be able to get into his or her mouth. If the fabric is long, the baby could get it lodged in his or her throat and choke without your knowledge. Also play close attention to items that may be attached to the costume, be sure that they are attached well so that they aren’t pulled off and swallowed.

    The only other thing that you really need to pay attention to with regards to a newborn Halloween costume is binding on the legs and arms. Oftentimes manufacturers put too much elastic into the arm and leg openings and they can fit too snuggly on the baby’s skin. If this is the case, simply make a small clip in the elastic to loosen it up a bit so your baby isn’t uncomfortable.

    This article isn’t saying that you can’t find a cute and safe newborn Halloween costume. There are plenty of costumes that are both safe and cute; it’s just a reminder that cute isn’t always safe, so just double check that your child will feel as cute as they look in their costume!

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