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    We all have to go to work everyday, dressed properly, acting like adults. Except one day of the year: Halloween. On that blessed day, we can grab an adult Halloween costume and dress as racy, spicy, naughty, or outside of our personality as we like and totally get away with it. Excellent! Halloween is the day we get to go outside of our personality, even as adults – or maybe especially as adults – and play a character.

    How much more fun is it when the straight laced, all-business lawyer dresses up as the saucy barmaid with enough cleavage to build an extra beer shelf? She can get away with it without feeling she’s compromised anything she holds dear and everyone else gets a glimpse at her, well, her other side.

    This is the day to play, indeed, and adult Halloween costumes are so much fun to wear and come in so many different varieties, sizes and styles. Even if you just want to be a little racy, this is your day. If you don’t to be racy but want to explore another side of your personality, this day is for you, too.

    For the girls who want to show it all off, you are in luck today. I suppose that statement would hold true on any day, but costumes are virtually limitless here. You can be a naughty anything: nun, maid, bunny, pilot, firefighter, cop, mafia hit man, welder, the list is endless. The costumes are available to rent, of course, where you can find beautiful dresses that push everything up to your chin (that should be there) and show leg if you’d like.

    Corsets and anything tight are, of course, a big hit. These can be a bit pricey but a lot of fun to do. Total fantasy night, be whoever you want to be. If you’d like to spend a little less money, you still have naughty options for the adult version of virtually any Halloween costume. Just make sure the skirt is short, there is cleavage, and a little midriff always helps.

    However, not everyone fits into that category…both female and wanting to showing it all off. Still, this is the one holiday you don’t have to do the proper and respectable. If you are the low man on the totem poll at work, maybe this is the day for you to step up into something very manly and strong and feel like your boss has nothing on you. Stay away from the punch bowl at the work party, however, if you are feeling this too much. Careers are lost this way.

    The woman who has it all under control at work and at home may want to find something demure and softer for the evening. You can find ways to express your nerdy side or your controlling side, or maybe your scary side if you have one. It’s a time to be creative and show off what you have, inside or out, whatever you feel comfortable with.

    Adult Halloween costumes can be a lot of fun to explore for everyone, but one especially fun thing to do is to go in pairs or groups. Couple can go as Romeo and Juliet or Sid and Nancy. Groups are great because you can go as a football team, a particularly colorful musical group like Earth Wind & Fire, or even as the Marx Brothers.

    There are immeasurable ways to spice up your adult Halloween costume so you can get the most out of it and show yourself off in whatever way you like.

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