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    Don’t despair if you find yourself low on cash this Halloween, because a cheap Halloween costume can be just as creative and fun as the fancy and expensive kind. A quick search online can get you some amazingly creative ideas about how to start with a easy, and cheap, Halloween costume if you’ve run out of ideas.

    It all depends on how much time and imagination you want to put into it. Not to mention, as we party, we tend to go for comfort instead of style. Some of us. With no effort or money you can be an undercover police officer or your imaginary twin.

    Grab a box of cereal, stab it with a kitchen knife and you’re a what? Serial killer. No one said we were shooting for originality necessarily. Put a tie around your head and be the drunk guy at the office party. If you’re a girl, just smear that cherry red lipstick and tear the panty hose and you have the same effect. Go in your underwear and socks and be Tom Cruise in that Risky Business (I urge you to consider this carefully).

    Okay, so you would like to make a tiny bit more effort. One place to look is a party shop or a 99 cent store. You can pick up a pre-packaged costume for near nothing. True, you will look like you picked up a pre-packaged costume for near nothing. But then you look like you're wearing a cheap costume, not like you just gave up on Halloween altogether. A crafts store can be a great place to go to get little additions for either the very cheap (nearly free) variety of costume, or possibly put an entire costume together.

    Keep in mind that anything you put together from craft store will take time and if you need drying time for painted things allow that, too. Not to mention, maintenance can be an issue at parties. No need going as the Archangel Gabriel with big beautifully decorated wings if you have to stand outside of the party all night because they don’t fit in the door.

    Another option for the cheap Halloween costume and one of my favorites is a thrift shop. There you can find a virtual cornucopia of clothing representing many eras, personalities, and styles. These can be combined in numerous ways to build a costume. You may still need a few accessories like a wig or a wand, but you have a lot to choose from.

    For example, if you live in an area that is sunny a lot of the year, there is a substantial possibility that your local thrift or second hand store will have plenty of Hawaiian style shirts. This shirt alone can be built into the typical tourist with the Bermuda shorts, sandals with black socks, some zinc oxide on the nose, and a map. Or, in heavy surfing zones, add some board shorts, go barefoot, say dude a lot, and you’re set as a surfer (sorry true surfer dudes for the stereotype).

    A cheap Halloween costume doesn’t have to be complicated at all. Some further examples are to grab some jeans or a denim skirt from home, or the store, and find some button up shirt and a hat and we have a cowboy or cowgirl. Not to mention there is enough 70s regalia in second hand stores to last us all a lifetime full of cheap Halloween costumes.

    When in doubt, there’s always fake blood. Now, I’m not sure always what people do with this, but at every party someone has it plastered all over them and they are…something. With a little creativity, a little bit of time, and little or no cash, you can have a cheap Halloween costume that allows you to show up at the party that requires you to be dressed up. Just don’t set your cereal down somewhere or you’re done for.

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