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    Every day we do our thing, go to work, wear the same clothes. It doesn’t matter whether we get to dress up or dress down for work, chances are we are in a rut or we can see it from here. Never fear, Halloween is almost here. What can save us from our day to day drudgery is a cool Halloween costume. This is our chance to dress up, be cool, be a stud or a hot broad. Whatever we want to be, and can’t, during the rest of our regular dreary lives.

    A cool Halloween costume can mean anything. It means being something you don’t normally get to be. It’s blissfully open for interpretation. You get to seek out what you like, or want, what makes you feel cool, and for a night – or a few parties – it’s all you.

    For example, the hardworking and quiet software engineer that dresses in his business casual khakis and button up shirt every day, he may want to feel like The Man. So, he seeks out something like a Pulp Fiction costume. How much more of The Man can you feel like than Vincent Vega or Jules Winnfield?

    Perhaps he doesn’t want a specific character, but likes the idea of being a bad guy. He goes for a Chicago mob boss, wing tips, and brings along his wife in full 20s flapper regalia. Very cool costume.

    Maybe the need to be the man of mystery is good for him and he chooses something like Zorro or Batman. If you are the hardworking mom or busy career woman (or both), maybe you want to dress up to the nines for the Halloween in something you never have a chance to wear in your regular life.

    If you want to go with a little mistress of the dark, how about Elvira? Or, go glam with a gorgeous gown 30s style. Maybe even decide to dress up as the queen that you are and act like royalty for the night. Perhaps cool to you means dressing up as someone you emulate like Jimi Hendrix, Britney Spears (I hear this is done), or even Daisy Duke.

    Some cool Halloween costumes are the ones people just come up with. For example, one year, the year blue M&Ms were introduced there were all those commercials about the other M&Ms that were jealous so they would paint themselves blue. There was one blue M&M I saw with a yellow M&M half painted blue. Cool idea.

    Be a bunch of crayons or a pop tart. Be Natasha and Boris, they were always cool. Grab a bunch of friends and go as the Village People or the cast of Grease.

    Creative can always equal cool if you want to take the time and put it together. Just make sure that you are okay with how you feel in that costume all night and that you can fit into car doors and such. We all feel cool in different things, but the night to show off what you got and how you feel with a cool Halloween costume is right around the corner.

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