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  • Sexy Halloween Costumes for Women Heat Up the Festivities

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    Finding sexy ways to be in regular life is a game for some women, but not for others. Halloween gives us all us a chance to explore the side of ourselves we don’t show every day, and costumes are a fabulous way to do it. Sexy Halloween costumes for women are never in short supply. There is a huge market out there that caters to this type of costume on it’s own, and this is the one day of the year when even the shy girl gets to let her hair down.

    The most obvious choice when one thinks of a sexy Halloween costumes for a woman is the itty bitty ones that you can find online or in lingerie shops. These are very popular, and wide varieties of these are found in pre-packages costumes at other costume shops as well.

    With sexy Halloween these costumes you can go as bare as you dare, and usually that is quite bare if you pick these. This might not be a good option for cold weather climates if you are going to be outside a lot.

    You can be a naughty version of anything you can think of: cop (this is a big hit, comes with handcuffs), nurse, school girl, devil, vampire, even mafia hit man, or person rather. These costumes boast a lot of cleavage and, well, don’t resemble the actual versions of the uniform – or whatever – all that much. However, this isn’t really all that important in this situation.

    If less bare is what you dare, you can still stay sexy. After all, sexy doesn’t necessarily mean super naughty. There are a great deal of costume ideas to put together or rent that are girly and flirty without risking pneumonia or accidental indecent exposure. This is when it’s fun to rent a sexy Halloween costume, because you have such a wide array of things to choose from that you can’t really get pre-packaged or put together on the fly.

    At a rental shop, for not quite a king’s ransom, you can get things such as: saloon girl, bar maiden, princess or other royalty, Juliet, Jessica Rabbit, the list goes on. Another fun thing about rentals is that there are a lot of great costumes for couples.

    To some, sexy doesn’t mean bare at all, just womanly. Sexy Halloween costumes for a woman can mean dressing up in a beautiful gown from the 30s or a sleek business suit. Exploring what is sexy is part of the fun of the holiday, and this is the time to seek out the side of your personality you don’t get to show every day.

    Be a little more daring or wild with a sexy Halloween costume. Try on the cat suit you’ve had in the drawer forever and paint your nose black. Grab a mask and some high heeled boots, make a little tail, and Catwoman you are.

    It can be complicated or simple, wild or just a little out of your comfort zone. Maybe you never wear heels to work, but found a great pair of red stilettos. Find some excuse to form a costume around them and you’re golden. It’s all about fantasy, yours. You’d be surprised what that can do to heat up any party.

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