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    Ladies, if you enjoy history of the Old West, choose a saloon girl Halloween costume. Contrary to popular belief, many saloon girls were not prostitutes. Rather, many of them were widowed or had families to support and no "proper" means to do that. Others were escaping the harsh life of a farm and enticed with the promise of a good wage and fancy clothes.

    In the Old West, there were a disproportionate amount of men versus women, sometimes as much as four to one! The saloon girl's job was to make conversation with the gentlemen, steer them to the bar to order drinks (of which the girls received a commission), sing and even dance for them.

    The saloon girls often wore tight, revealing dresses with colorful petticoats, stockings, boots and other fancy adornments. Their attire was considered quite scandalous at the time, but probably tame today! A saloon girl Halloween costume sounds like a lot of fun, doesn't it?

    Black and red were favored colors of the saloon girls. Imagine low-cut bodices and full ruffled skirts anywhere from knee high to mid shin. The petticoats more often than not did not reach the tops of the boots they wore. They wore garter belts to hold their stockings in place.

    Many admirers of the saloon girls gave gifts of silk stockings as well as lace or net stockings, too. And horror of all horrors, the saloon girls wore make-up and dyed their hair! Still thinking about a saloon girl Halloween costume? Not sure? Then read on!

    Saloon girls often were armed to protect themselves from drunken or overly amorous cowboys. Small pistols and knives were often concealed in their boots with easy access should they ever need them.

    In general, while they were considered "good time" girls, they were often treated with respect. Saloon owners and the saloon girls commanded respect and received it. The girls were treated as ladies and for the most part, cowboys watched their behavior when around the saloon girls.

    Tough, respected and with an eye for business and the bottom line, you could actually consider them shrewd businesswomen. They may not have dressed the part, but still, they got their respect. Got a hankering for a saloon girl Halloween costume now?

    Yes? Great! There are a multitude of places on the internet that sell saloon girl Halloween costumes. You can expect to spend anywhere from about fifty dollars to several hundred dollars. It just depends on how "authentic" you want the costume to look and how much you can spend in your budget.

    The saloon girl Halloween costume in the lower ranges is often made from polyester and machine washable. The more ornate costumes have to be dry-cleaned.

    If you are handy with a sewing machine, there are some patterns you can find on the internet for a saloon girl Halloween costume. By sewing it yourself, you can make it as ornate and risque as you want or more low-key.

    Just remember, that frilly petticoats were favored back in the day, so that means making a full skirt to take that into account. Materials for your saloon girl Halloween costume should include satin and lace with a fair amount of sequins.

    Other items needed for your costume include a garter belt, fishnet stockings, kid boots and feathers fashioned into a simple headpiece. Sometimes hats decorated in sequins and feathers were worn too. And don't forget a feather boa in a color that matches or complements your dress.

    After learning the background of a saloon girl, it sound like fun to dress up like one doesn't it? They weren't "easy." These girls were just trying to take care of themselves and sometimes their families back home. So when you start getting all your materials and accessories together, just remember, have fun with your saloon girl Halloween costume.

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