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    The great thing about a show girl Halloween costume is that they can be sexy and barely there or cover up a bit more of your body. Of course, the sexy part still applies! The first thing that comes to most people’s minds when they think of show girls are the scarcely dressed dancers in many of the Las Vegas stage shows.

    Think strategically placed bandages with sequins on them! Yikes! Yes, that thought is applicable to show girls, but they are also so much more, depending on the era you want to focus on.

    A show girl Halloween costume is easy to devise on your own. Just figure out what time period of history you want to focus on. Show girls from the Old West wore clothing that looked like a one piece swimsuit with a corset built into it. It was usually made of satin and lace and very intricate.

    These show girls also had elaborate trains attached in the back that graced the floor. The bodice of the outfit, of course, was cut low and right off the shoulders. The show girls often wore large, fancy hats adorned with ribbon and feathers too. High heels and silk or fishnet stockings completed the ensemble.

    So, the overall outfit was showy (hence the name show girl) and it covered up all the important parts and then some, but was still fairly revealing.

    Your show girl Halloween costume could reflect that Old West era or you could move into the twentieth century, the 1940s to be exact. Betty Grable, a famous pin-up model for many American military men, was a show girl. Her costumes were sexy but showed no less skin than a one piece swimsuit does these days. Often sequined, it had a fringed skirt that did not cover up any thing.

    Add fishnet stockings and high heels, along with an elaborate hair style with feathers and lace, and you have got yourself another show girl Halloween costume.

    These days, Las Vegas has most of the show girls. Some of their outfits do not have any sense of propriety. However, there are still some tasteful costumes to be had. Some of these show girls are covered up in much the same way as a bikini covers your up. The top fits just like a bra and is often sequined or intricately detailed.

    The bottoms are sometimes like a bikini, with either a boy or bikini brief cut style. These are also ornately sequined but can be paired with a detachable sequined sarong, along with fishnet stocking, high heels and an elaborate headpiece made of sequins and feathers. Sometimes the outfit is trimmed in ostrich boa and flashy plumes.

    Based on these various show girl styles, you can come up with your own show girl Halloween costume. For the elaborate headpiece, find a simple headband and glue plumes of feathers to it as well as showy beads. Or look for an old fashioned floppy hat and recover it in a material that will match your outfit. Decorate the hat with ribbon, lace, beads and ostrich feathers.

    For clothing the top part of your show girl Halloween costume, transform a push-up bra or the top half of a bikini by sewing or gluing fancy sequins, feathers and beadwork. The bottom half of your show girl Halloween costume could be made from bikini bottoms or the bottoms that cheerleaders wear that are made in a boy-cut style.

    Paste the same stuff on the bottoms that you did on the bra top. Don some fishnet stockings and high heels. Wear some shiny strings of beads and pearls around your neck in graduating layers from almost a choker style to a length that comes to your belly button.

    Bright makeup is also a part of your show girl Halloween costume. Lots of glitter, heavy eyeliner and long false eyelashes help you create an image of a “showy” show girl. Top your ensemble with a feather boa. Voila – you now have a great show girl Halloween costume!

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