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    You can have a singing good time with a Spice Girl Halloween costume. Girl power is what it was all about and the musical group called the Spice Girls had it in spades. They hit the music scene in the mid 1990's in Great Britain before branching out internationally. Five ladies, all with diverse personalities but universal appeal, took no prisoners in the music world.

    With a Spice Girl Halloween costume, you have your choice among five distinct personas. Geri Halliwell with her red hair was dubbed Ginger Spice. Victoria Beckham was called Posh Spice because of her trend-setting attire. Melanie Brown, as a wild child, was given the Scary Spice moniker.

    Baby Spice, aka Emma Bunton, got her name because she was the youngest of the group. Finally, Melanie Chisholm earned her Sporty Spice name because of her fondness for track suits and a sleek physique.

    Their individual characteristics appealed to different types of fans. With their dissimilar backgrounds and looks, plus a grooving musical sound, the Spice Girls appealed to a broad spectrum of the population. Which Spice Girl are you? When you can figure out that answer, you will know what your Spice Girl Halloween costume will be.

    A few years ago, back at the height of their popularity, there was a silly quiz bandied about on the internet. It had a series of questions to answer and your answers were used to "determine" which Spice Girl you most resembled. Shall we try a few questions to guide you on your quest for the best Spice Girl Halloween costume for you? Here we go!

    Question one: What is your favorite color among these choices: pink, red, blue, orange, black or green?

    Question two: How do you dress? Choose among sports clothing, girly dresses, suggestive clothing, casual pants and shirts with boots, or designer clothes.

    Question three: What kind of music can you groove to? Choose among pop, 80's music, heavy metal, any tunes you can dance to or an eclectic selection.

    Question four: What is your favorite food?

    There are more questions but for the sake of this little exercise, we will go through only a few to determine the best Spice Girl Halloween costume for you. Say you answered question one with the color green, question two with casual clothes with boots, question three with an eclectic selection of music and question four was answered with Mexican food being your favorite. The Spice Girl Halloween costume you should go for is … (drum roll please) Ginger Spice!

    Now that you have your girl, what can you do to turn into Ginger Spice for a night of trick or treating? First of all, you need reddish orange hair! You can temporary dye your hair or use a red hair mousse to tint it. There are also long wigs available that might suit your purposes.

    Another element to your Ginger Spice Girl costume is a dress with Great Britain's flag, the Union Jack, on it along with some go-go boots. If you cannot find a dress with that design, any trendy short dress will do, along with high heeled boots.

    Can you sing? Singing a Spice Girls song or even lip synching to some music would lend an authentic touch to your Spice Girl Halloween costume.

    Whew! You probably know more than what you needed to know about this girl group phenomenon called the Spice Girls. Even though they are no longer a group officially, their music is still popular. Hopefully, your Ginger Spice Girl Halloween costume will be a big singing success.

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