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  • Star Wars Darth Vader Costume Halloween Mask

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    In the market for a Star Wars Darth Vader costume Halloween mask? Well, come over to the dark side and let's talk about your options. Do you have some excess cash handy? For a genuine Star Wars Darth Vader costume Halloween mask, you are talking some major bucks! Replicas of this mask can be anywhere from a hundred bucks to one thousand dollars. Ouch!

    If you are a major Star Wars fan, then you know that Darth Vader went through several transformations in regards to his mask. If money is not an issue, there are quite a few Star Wars Darth Vader costume Halloween masks to be had, especially on the internet.

    The hard part is deciding which style you want. Are you a die hard fan of the original "Star Wars" movie? Maybe the Darth Vader gear was more your style in "The Empire Strikes Back."

    Should you decide on a genuine replica for your Star Wars Darth Vader costume Halloween mask, chances are you will have to order it from the internet. Be sure that you measure your head very carefully to purchase the correct size. If you wear glasses and cannot see without them, you will have to make allowances for that in your measurements.

    Now for those of you who are cheapskates, err, budget conscious, you can make your own Star Wars Darth Vader costume Halloween mask. It will take patience, ingenuity and some skill to create this mask of Star Wars death. Let's gather up a few materials first.

    Black spray paint is a must. Find a cheap black plastic helmet similar in style to what baseball players wear. Duct tape is a universal necessity. You also need poster board, newspaper, glue and a sheet of wire mesh.

    Are you ready to construct your Star Wars Darth Vader costume Halloween mask? This is no time to back out now! You have all the materials ready! Before you start, have a picture of Darth Vader handy as a reference since you are creating this mask free style. This mask won't be perfect or probably even close to the movie version, but it will be all original.

    Since the Star Wars Darth Vader costume Halloween mask should have many angles and look "boxy," study your helmet to decide where those angles and planes need to start. Cut pieces of wire mesh and use the duct tape to adhere the wire mesh to the helmet. Be prepared for some trial and error as you create the "frame" for your masterpiece. Cut pieces of poster board to shape the rest.

    Once you have a basic frame for your Star Wars Darth Vader costume Halloween mask, it is time to paper maché. This is much like making a piñata at this point. Tear the newspaper into strips and start gluing it onto your frame. Once your frame is covered, let it dry and harden.

    Are you ready to spray paint now? Before you start shaking that can, cut out eye holes on your mask, large enough to accommodate some black sunglasses. The black lenses will give the illusion of a cold, evil Darth Vader look. Spray paint your mask and let dry.

    Now it is time for your trick or treating! Dress in all black – black boots, black pants and shirt and a full black cape. Top off your ensemble with your homemade Star Wars Darth Vader costume Halloween mask.

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