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    There is no need to go over to the Dark Side in your search for a Star Wars Halloween Costume. Thanks to the newest Star Wars movies, you could be deciding for weeks what character you want to dress up as for Halloween! If you are a Star Wars purist, you will probably want to stick with the original trilogy.

    But if you want a lot more choices, look to the newest Star Wars trilogy. The key is to do your homework on your favorite characters from the obscure to the mainstream for your Star Wars Halloween costume.

    Several options are available for your Star Wars Halloween costume. First, you can make your own costume. Second, you can purchase a mask and create the rest of the costume yourself. And third, you can just go all out and purchase an entire Star Wars Halloween costume.

    If you are going to devise your own costume, several options are to be considered. Is there a sewing pattern available for your Star Wars Halloween costume idea? Visit your local fabric store for patterns and materials.

    What about accessories? Will you have to make your own light saber or can you buy one at a toy store? Is there any make-up needed for your character?

    Making your own costume is cost-effective and often looks a lot better that something from a retail store. The easiest Star Wars Halloween costumes to make are those characters that wore robes with hoods. The Jedi wore them as did the evil Darth Maul and the Emperor.

    Young Anakin Skywalker also wore the robes as did his son Luke Skywalker in the first trilogy. In both Star Wars trilogies, Obi Wan also donned his share of robes. The fabrics for the “good” guys could be brown, white or off-white. The “bad” guys wore black. Cotton materials are great because they are lightweight and breathable.

    Masks can be a part of your Star Wars Halloween costume. If you are fond of the aliens in both trilogies, a mask is the way to go. Usually the alien masks you buy for purchase are made from rubber latex materials, so it can get hot for you fairly quickly. Weigh that factor in your decision of a Star Wars Halloween costume.

    Masks like the Darth Vader one are made from sturdy plastic and have a little more breathing room. Still, you are probably going to sweat a lot, so expect that to happen!

    In some instances, purchasing a full costume makes more sense. If you have your heart set on dressing up as Chewbacca, a storm trooper, C3PO or even Queen Amidala, a purchased Star Wars Halloween costume may be more detailed than what you are capable of reproducing on your own.

    In your Star Wars Halloween costume mission, do not forget about accessories! There are several internet sites that walk you through how to make your own light saber. Here are two words for you: don’t bother! Sometimes, the cost of the materials plus the labor in making your own light saber costs a lot more that if you picked one up at the store.

    Use the Force in your decisions between characters from the oldest Star Wars trilogy and the newest trilogy. Think about your budget and comfort levels. Most of all stay away from the Dark Side when choosing your Star Wars Halloween costume.

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