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    Practically every kid wants to have a super duper super hero Halloween costume! Kids (and even adults) are fascinated by super heroes. They love pretending that they have special powers. Who wouldn't? Kids have lively imaginations and it is healthy for them to partake of a little role playing. It is a great way to channel a lot of that pent up energy too!

    Super heroes come in all shapes and sizes. What are your child's favorite super heroes? Sometimes, kids have several different favorite super heroes depending on the special abilities the hero has. You have to help your child whittle down a mile long list of favorites in order to decide on a super hero Halloween costume. Moms and Dads - There are a few ground rules you can set up ahead of time.

    Ground Rule #1 – Decide on the appropriateness of the super hero. Some parents will not allow their children to watch certain shows like Power Rangers, X-Men or Dragonball Z because of the aggressive behaviors and fighting displayed by some of the characters. Yet, some children think the characters are cool super heroes anyway. Parents need to put their foot down on that issue and just say no.

    Ground Rule #2 – Stick with gender specific super hero roles. There are not too many super hero Halloween costumes where the gender is ambiguous and could be worn by anyone. Batman, Spiderman, Superman … hmmm, they all end in "man," which is a clear indication of a male. Supergirl, Batgirl, Wonder Woman … all are specifically for females. So, if your dear daughter asks if she can dress up as Robin from "Batman and Robin," try and steer her to another choice of super hero Halloween costumes.

    Ground Rule #3 - Money talks. Stick with a budget! Ready-made costumes can be a bit pricey. Be prepared to come up with some alternate, less expensive choices. Or, work with your child to come up with a plan to create their own super hero Halloween costume. This option is actually a lot of fun because you get to see your child"s imagination working. Plus, do-it-yourself costumes are easy on the pocketbook.

    Now that the ground rules are set up, discuss your super hero Halloween costume options. Boys tend to go for the popular comic book characters like Superman, Batman, Flash, Captain America and Spider-man. Girls often ask for Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batgirl and the Powder Puff Girls. Thanks to movies like "The Incredibles" and the "Fantastic Four," there are more super heroes than ever before!

    Parents do not let your kids have all the fun! You, too, can have your own super hero Halloween Costume. Try and choose a character that complements the costume of your child. Maybe the entire family can dress up as the Incredible family. Or, each of you picks out your favorite Fantastic Four super hero.

    Be prepared for some debates with your children. You will probably hear, "But Timmy's mom is letting him be whatever he wants." You can bet that Timmy"s parents are just like you and that will not happen! Once you decide on the super hero Halloween costume, it is safe to say that your child will be acting out his or her character days and even weeks before the big trick or treating day. Trick or treat!

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