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    A teen fairy Halloween costume conjures up all sorts of ideas. Fairies are often depicted as sweet, innocent and a bit precocious. With the teen fairy Halloween costumes these days, there is nothing sweet and innocent about them! More and more teenager girls are deciding on a teen fairy Halloween costume because it can be dressed up as much as they want or as little as they want.

    When you think of fairies, you probably think of little sprites like Tinkerbell or even the tooth fairy that brings kids money for lost teeth. As such, it was usually small girls that dressed as fairies for Halloween. Teenage girls are in a dilemma. They want to be cool and be part of the gang.

    That little girl they left behind not that long ago still longs for dressing up. However, girl costumes in the retail stores are geared more towards the younger girls who still want to dress up like Barbie.

    A teen fairy Halloween costume is a good compromise for those not-quite-adult girls. Teenage girls can create a theme for their fairy costume. A pixie fairy can be a bit reminiscent of a princess, only with fairy wings. This pixie teen fairy Halloween costume can be "pretty in pink" with a lace and satin dress, usually cut to the length of a cheerleader skirt or mid-thigh. With some cute shoes and stockings, your pixie should be pretty pleased.

    Gruesome and ghoulish usually is not associated with a teen fairy Halloween costume, but it could be if you were a zombie fairy. Think of a fairy with gothic undertones. Sounds freaky, huh? With a zombie fairy, the make-up and hair is instrumental to the whole ensemble. The challenge is to make a fairy look like the undead!

    Your zombie teen fairy Halloween costume starts with a very pale foundation. Since you are trying to depict the undead, add a touch of sickly gray as well. Be sure to add touches of blue and purple eye shadow, maybe even a hint of green on the contours of your face to portray a touch of rot and decomposition.

    The dress could be dark with ragged edges and accessorized with ragged gloves and wings that are easily detachable with Velcro. Mess up the hair a bit and you are good to go with your zombie teen fairy Halloween costume.

    Glam it up a bit with a fashion diva teen fairy Halloween costume. This idea probably fits most closely with the teenage girl who is obsessed with fashion and boys. The dress for the fashion diva teen fairy Halloween costume can be glamorous with sequins and beading. Detachable wings could be made with iridescent materials. "Hollywood" style make-up, big hair and even a rhinestone tiara is just icing on the cake.

    The teen fairy Halloween costume can be wild and crazy like a punk rocker or even freaky like the bride of Frankenstein. There are literally hundreds of themes you could go with, depending on how the spirits move you. So decide on your theme, and then have some fun with your teen fairy Halloween costume.

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