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    Choose a teen Halloween costume that pleases not only the parents but the teenagers, too. The teen years can be difficult. Not quite old enough to be an adult and not quite young enough to be a kid. It is no wonder that teenagers can be so confused at times.

    So how do you pick a teen Halloween costume that not only pleases the "stuffy old folks" but also caters to the teenager's need to be cool with their peers?

    Some teenagers feel that dressing up for Halloween is kid stuff. Another faction of teenagers cannot wait to don a costume, just so they can pretend to be someone else for a while. Whatever you decide for a teen Halloween costume has to be a fine balance between something cool and something "appropriate" that pleases the parents.

    Teenagers want desperately to fit in, so they tend to turn their nose up at holiday traditions like Halloween. Part of the reason for their disdain is that Halloween really is marketing to the younger children – both in candy and costumes.

    The goal for a teen Halloween costume is to not look like a little kid. That most likely means no Disney characters like Buzz Lightyear, Winnie the Pooh or Nemo. Depending on the super hero, those types of costumes are probably out too.

    The deal with a teen Halloween costume is that teenagers want to look cool. The girls think they are more grown up than they are, so they try to pick costumes that are a bit too revealing for their age. Guys are not as picky. They just don't want to look like wimps.

    Since many mass retailers tend to stock up on selections for the smaller children, the best bet to find a teen Halloween costume is to visit a specialty store like Spirit Halloween Stores or Party City.

    These specialty stores have costumes for younger children, but they predominantly cater to the older crowds. A variety of scary masks could be had for reasonable prices. Theatrical make-up is available and plentiful to give your teen Halloween costume some authenticity. Accessories like magic wands, swords, hats, gloves and more are also on hand with a varied selection.

    If your teenager is totally bummed about being dragged to the store by their parents, internet costume supply stores are just a click or two of the mouse away! A great teen Halloween costume can be had and to think, your teenager won't have to be embarrassed by being seen with their parents. They can keep that cool, disinterested look that teenagers perfect so well.

    From the latest horror villain to some radical looking fairy, your teen will probably be more apt to find what they like in a teen Halloween costume from the internet. The best thing about the internet option is that the parents have the credit card and have to see and approve of the costume first before placing an order. So there is no public drama in a store!

    Of course, your teen Halloween costume can be hand made as well. Present a challenge to the teenager to come up with their own costume ideas. Sometimes, their ideas will surprise you. By giving them a little bit of control over something handmade, you will be, at least temporarily, a cool parent. Halloween can continue to be fun for teenagers when they have some control in choosing their teen Halloween costume.

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