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    Rubie's Teen Titans Go Raven Costume
    Rubie's Teen Titans Go Raven Costume
    Teen Titans Child's Robin Costume
    Teen Titans Child's Robin Costume
    Superhero Costume-Teen Titans Halloween Cosplay Zentai Bodysuit
    Superhero Costume-Teen Titans Halloween Cosplay Zentai Bodysuit

    Your guide to a Teen Titans Halloween Costume is brought to you by the terminally clueless! Parents, have you even heard of the Teen Titans? It seems that they are a new crop of superheroes for the teeny bopper set. Based on a popular DC comic book series and now on the Cartoon Network, they are your typical kids riddled with teenage angst that just happen to fight the bad guys with their unique special powers.

    If you would like to seem cool in the eyes of your kids when they ask for a Teen Titans Halloween costume, read on about this motley crew of teenagers that combat crime and evil villains. Conspiracy theories about taking over the Earth and alien invasions are just a few of the battles they have fought.

    Two girls and three guys make for this dynamic team for superheroes. Robin is the leader of the pack and his fin acrobatic skills and agility serve him well. He thinks fast on his feet and shows no fear. Raven is a goth girl. She's a little creepy and likes to keep to herself. Oh, and she can control inanimate objects with her mind.

    A few more contenders for a possible Teen Titans Halloween Costume are Cyborg, Starfire and Beast Boy. Cyborg is half human and half machine, thanks to a horrifying accident. Starfire is not of this Earth. She's a newbie in the ways of an Earthling, but is sweet, charming and throws a heck of an energy bolt from her eyes and fingers. Beast Boy is a mischievous little green guy who can transform into any animal he chooses, including those that no longer exist — like a dinosaur.

    Parents, your teenagers can probably relate to these characters because they deal with everyday teenage issues. They are still learning about themselves and worrying about how they fit in with the rest of society. By choosing a Teen Titans Halloween costume, your kids can step into the role of superhero and feel empowered and ready to take on the world.

    So who will your daughter pick? Starfire or Raven? A Starfire Teen Titans Halloween Costume is adorable with knee high purple boots and purple tunic dress, both with electric blue trim. Raven's look is a little ghoulish with a floor length purple hooded cape, purple boots and a black and gray jumpsuit.

    A Cyborg Teen Titans Halloween costume has some body armor since he is half human and half machine. His face is partially covered with a "mechanical" mask. Beast Boy is comical with his green skin, purple jumpsuit and black boots and gloves. Robin, the acrobatic wonder boy, has a costume with a yellow cape, green pants and sleeves and a red, yellow and black tunic.

    Since all of these have some sort of super power, you cannot go wrong with any one of the Teen Titans Halloween costumes. With your teenager, decide which of the superhero's personalities they most resemble and you probably have your answer! When your teenager step into a Teen Titans Halloween costume, they will feel as if they can take on the world!

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