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  • Teenage Girl Halloween Costume

    Parents, be on the lookout for a teenage girl Halloween costume! This costume is a disguise for the teenage girl without all the drama about the trials and tribulations of youth and just loves being seen in public with her parents and little brother.

    Ok, so that is just a fantasy! The reality of the whole teenage girl Halloween costume is that you can expect some big debates from your teenager about how nerdy and childish some of the costumes are these days in retail stores.

    For once, your teenager may not be that far off base. Halloween is a holiday for young kids. And mass retailers play up that fact with costumes for them that tend to be a bit too childish for a teenager. Never fear though! There are some great options that will interest your adult-wannabe.

    One idea for a teenage girl Halloween costume is to elaborate on a nursery rhyme or fairy tale character. Before the groaning starts from the teenage sector, consider this: little Red Riding Hood in combat boots. Interesting mental picture, isn't it?

    The costume for little Red Riding Hood could be similar to the fairy tale. A dress plus a red cape with a hood on it is just one part. Underneath that girly dress though is a pair of combat boots!

    In your version of events, little Red Riding Hood hunts down the Big Bad Wolf and takes no prisoners. In fact, this teenage girl Halloween costume could be completed with a stuffed wolf being carried around on her back. Or, carry a knapsack with bits of fake fur sticking out of it to simulate her successful capture of the wolf.

    Rapunzel is another fairy tale character that can be revamped for your teenage girl Halloween costume. The story goes that the long-haired Rapunzel was trapped in a tower and awaited her hero to rescue her. She would then "let down her hair" so the suitor could climb up to the tower.

    In your version of this Rapunzel teenage girl Halloween costume, Rapunzel saves herself and decides to give herself a haircut! This Rapunzel costume could consist of a pretty dress fit for a princess, regal make-up and really long fake hair. The biggest accessory for this costume would be a big pair of scissors or shears! For safety sake, you might want to create your own out of cardboard and spray painted silver.

    Besides the fairy tale characters, think about some of today's pop culture icons. Many are female and have a no-holds-barred approach to life, someone who a teenage girl might emulate. For instance, Charlie's Angels was a hit show and was resurrected for the big screen. A fun teenage girl Halloween costume could be one of the "Angels" in their many disguises.

    There was also a fun kid's movie called "The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl." Lava Girl was a great character and would make a fun teenage girl Halloween costume.

    The way to a great costume is to think of an individual from a book, movie or fairy tale and kick up the character a notch or two. Transform that character into something that a teen would think is cool. A teenage girl Halloween costume should be fun, so start brainstorming for ideas!

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