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    A Halloween wedding invitation should give guests a clear indication that they are not going to your average every day wedding! The Halloween wedding invitation should be fun, surprising, and leave your guests excited to actually attend your Halloween wedding.

    An invitation really sets the mood for guests, so make it clear what you want them to wear, and how formal the occasion will be. A Halloween wedding is something that most people have never been to, so help them out!

    Before you send out or even choose your Halloween wedding invitation you need to decide how much influence Halloween will actually have on your wedding. If you want it to have a limited amount of influence, you should choose a typical invitation and maybe just have the invitation written in black and orange.

    If you choose to have Halloween be the theme of your wedding, you can go all out with a bat, cat, witch, or skeleton invitation inviting your guests to a masquerade ball after the wedding ceremony.

    Finding a Halloween wedding invitation may take a little bit of work, but they are out there. The internet is a great resource for these invitations. Some of the more classic looks are velvety black cats, tri folded bat wing invitations, witch hats, and even a skeleton head.

    These invitations will easily convey that this wedding has a Halloween theme. Your guests will be stunned when they see the invitation, and even more so when they realize its a wedding invitation.

    Your Halloween wedding invitations may be a bit more expensive than your typical wedding invitation, but its well worth it so that you can set the tone of the wedding. If you anticipate this cost in advance, it really won't shock you.

    You can also make your own Halloween wedding invitations on your computer or even by using Halloween party invitations. Making your own invitations can be a fun way to get your creative juices going, while adding a personalized touch to each and every invitation. Creating your own invitations will also be much more cost effective.

    In your Halloween wedding invitation you should list the time and day of the wedding incase its not actually on Halloween. Also, if guests are invited to wear costumes be sure to note this in the invitation so that your guests are partake in your celebration.

    If costumes are required, be sure to note that also! You don't want poor Uncle Bob to feel left out when he shows up in his suit.

    A Halloween wedding invitation is going to surprise and even amuse your guests, so it should be as memorable as possible. Whether you make your own invitation or choose to have them made for you, be sure they are everything you dreamed of and more.

    Your Halloween wedding invitation sets the tone and is very personal, so don't be afraid to ask for what you want and then send it out with great anticipation!


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