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  • Halloween Wedding Decoration: Really Cool Pumpkin Designs

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    Looking for Halloween wedding decoration ideas? Consider the lowly pumpkin, a natural fall Halloween decoration that can be had as a real fruit or as an artificial made from foam that can be carved. Of course, there are the plastic Halloween pumpkins that offer a tame and cheerful persona.

    But if you really want to make an impression at your Halloween wedding party, forget the plastic Halloween pumpkins. Instead, go with carved pumpkins. To help you get started with Halloween wedding decoration ideas, I will present a few suggestions that are based on pumpkin designs presented in a couple of eye-opening books.

    The first book you can turn to for ideas on how to make your own Halloween decorations for your wedding is Extreme Pumpkins: Diabolical Do-It-Yourself Designs to Amuse Your Friends and Scare Your Neighbors by Tom Nardone.

    In this book, Nardone presents ideas and step-by-step instructions to craft Halloween decorations with plenty of spectator magnetism. The designs run the gamut, from terrifying jack-o'-lantern designs, the quintessential lighted Halloween decoration, to the "fun and strange" burger pumpkin, in which Nardone uses real beef and produce.

    Many of the designs found in Nardone's book would make great Halloween table decoration props at the reception as well as aisle and altar treatments. With the jack-o'-lantern designs, you could carve two, three, maybe even four, faces so that you create lighted Halloween decoration centerpieces that will throw off light around the table while reinforcing the Halloween theme to the fullest.

    One particularly useful idea presented by Nardone that would be in a great Halloween table decoration at a family style wedding reception, where the tables are typically long, is to craft conjoined jack-o'-lanterns, resulting in pronounced visual statements.

    As I mentioned, Nardone's designs include jack-o'-lanterns as well as non-jack-o'-lanterns, like the Carrie pumpkin, the worm-infested pumpkin, and the creepy-looking drawing and the creepy-looking drawing-in-a-bag pumpkin. If you are planning on an indoor reception where you can set up lighting, you can use some of the non-jack-o'-lantern pumpkins to create scary decor for Halloween wedding party venues without having to worry about keeping them lighted. But, really, what fun would that be?

    Whether you choose to use real pumpkins or artificial ones, there are a couple of safe alternatives to using real fire to create your lighted Halloween weddng decorations. These include flashlights, or, better still, glow sticks. For really cool, and scary, Halloween party decoration for outdoors, use one of Nardone's techniques, like kerosene-soaked toilet paper or road flares, to light your jack-o'-lantern. There will be Halloween wedding decorations not soon forgotten.

    The other book you can turn to for ideas on how to make your own Halloween wedding decorations for your wedding is Extreme Pumpkin Carving: 20 Amazing Designs from Frightful to Fabulous by Vic Hood and Jack A. Williams.

    In this book, the authors present two step-by-step photo galleries showing how to relief-carve a pumpkin, one using knives and the other using woodcarving tools. Also included are 20 face patterns that can be copied and transferred onto the surface of pumpkins. They range from old witches to a pirate to several renditions of Santa.

    Unless you are artistically gifted, these are probably not going to be easy do-it-yourself Halloween wedding decorations. But if you have time and patience, order a few artificial pumpkins and practice, practice, practice. Alternatively, perhaps a talented attendant can help or, if the budget allows hire someone, perhaps an art student at a local college.

    The relief-carved pumpkins presented in the book are certainly unique, offering distinctive style and a spectacular elegance for those who want more upscale Halloween wedding decoration ideas. The pumpkins presented in the step-by-step sections are not turned into jack-o'-lanterns, though it would be easy enough to do by simply carving deeper reliefs and hollowing out the pumpkin interiors.

    Another awesome idea to create an attention-grabbing effect for these Halloween wedding decorations is to dry brush the relief with glow-in-the-dark paint, a simple matter if using artificial pumpkins. For real pumpkins, follow Hood's directions for coating the cut areas with a polyacrylic finish prior to applying the glow-in-the-dark finish. Another idea, as shown on the cover of the book, is to use up lighting. Either way, they make very refined Halloween wedding decoration props offering a lot of style and panache.


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