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  • Halloween Wedding Decoration: Creating A Classic or Fun Look

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    Choosing decorations for your wedding is always a big deal, but when you are considering a Halloween wedding decoration a whole new world of possibilities opens up to you. A Halloween decoration can be as classy or as light hearted as you want it to be, so that it sets the mood for the wedding well but also incorporates a bit of the holiday.

    When you choose to get married on Halloween or just about any holiday you have to start planning right away for how much youll let the holiday influence the wedding and reception. Some people dont realize that theyve chosen a holiday and other people choose a specific holiday for a reason. But, with Halloween, wedding decorations can get downright spooky or silly if you want them to!

    One really easy Halloween wedding decoration is just to place pumpkins in strategic places around the wedding and reception venues. A carved pumpkin can replace pew bows by sitting one at the end of each, or every other, pew up the aisle. If you want to give the pumpkins a sophisticated touch you can always pin hats on them, paint bow ties, or even dress them! Your creativity really is the limit here.

    If youre really bold, you can choose black and orange as your wedding colors and really amuse guests. Black is an easy color for bridesmaids to find dresses, and then you can simply incorporate some orange into flowers, shoes, hairpieces, vests, and bowties. So, the black and orange doesnt have to be cartoon like, it can be classically understated yet still incorporate the holiday.

    If black and white are your colors, you can decorate the altar and other areas with orange and black tulle, and maybe even incorporate a few pumpkins, bats, witches, and anything else you associate with Halloween. If you want to give the wedding venue a spooky look, think about using a smoke or fog machine to create a decidedly spooky look.

    At the reception, you can also have unique Halloween wedding decorations that will amuse guests. Think about having a life-size witch decoration standing at the gift table with a pail or box attached to her to accept cards. Lighted pumpkins with the wedding date or bride and grooms names places all over a dim reception room is always very nice, and consider orange and black candles for the tables.

    Another great idea for the reception tables is those spooky candy dishes that move or look scary when someone puts their hand in. These will be a hoot, and favors can be placed in the bowl so that each guest gets a little scare before the night is over.

    For the ultimate Halloween wedding decoration, outside the reception area you can set it up to look like a haunted house with hay bales, scarecrows, vampires, and spider webs. Your guests will wonder if they are really entering a haunted house or your reception! And, its safe to say most of your guests have no seen something like this done before so theyll be impressed!

    As you can see, Halloween can be the theme of your wedding, or not. A Halloween wedding decoration can really set the tone for the wedding however you want it; from classic to silly and fun. Whatever you want the theme and feel of your wedding to be, have fun and think of really unique and fun ways to incorporate Halloween!


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