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  • Taking Care of Halloween Wigs

    Good Halloween wigs are an expensive item, but worth it to complete a special costume. You will find that if you look after your Halloween wigs properly, they will last much longer and be ready for any special occasion.

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    Halloween Make Up Kit: What You Need

    You don’t have to be a make up artist for the movies to do your own Halloween make up you just need a well stocked Halloween make up kit. You don’t have to be rich either just keep your eyes open and you will find many household and cheap items that will be just the thing for your Halloween make up kit.

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    How To Make A Halloween Door Decoration

    There are lots of ways to make a Halloween door decoration all you have to decide is if you want an edible Halloween door decoration, a seasonal Halloween door decoration, or one that can be stored away to use next year.

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    Get In Character With Halloween Contact Lenses

    A great way to complete your spooky Halloween costume is with a pair of Halloween contact lenses. Once just the province of movie special effects, Halloween contact lenses are now affordable and available to everyone.

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  • Creating a Halloween Wedding Dress

    Buying a Halloween wedding dress can be a daunting task if you are looking for something other than your typical white dress, but if you keep looking and you know exactly what you want, you can find it! Most people would think that a Halloween wedding dress would have to be silly and not very beautiful.

    But if you are creative, you can make it both beautiful and silly at the same time. Anyone who gets married on Halloween has to have a great sense of humor, and the ability to think outside the box to incorporate this fun holiday into what is usually a very tradition based ritual.

    When you tell people you are looking for a Halloween wedding dress they are probably going to scrunch their face up at you and wonder if youre looking for an orange dress. For most Halloween brides, they do not want an orange dress. But, you need to find a way to incorporate Halloween into your dress.

    The first step is to find a dress that you like, whatever color it may be. If you want a traditional looking gown, then you should get it! Whatever it is that you like is just right, and then you can find ways to turn it into a Halloween wedding dress.

    Once you have the dress you'll want to find a creative seamstress that can help you transform your gown a bit. Let the seamstress know your ideas, and see if he or she can help you brainstorm for even more fun and creative ideas.

    A couple great ways to turn a typical wedding dress into a Halloween wedding dress are by stitching small pumpkin shapes to the hem of the dress. This can be done in a light orange thread. When these small maybe one inch by one inch pumpkins are evenly spaced around the entire dress at the hem it will add a little Halloween touch that some may not even notice!

    Another easy way to bring your Halloween wedding dress to life is to take off the flower or bow in the back and add something black or orange instead. This wont be noticed until you pass people, and then they will note your creative incorporation of the classic Halloween colors.

    Of course, you could always go for the black or orange dress if youd like, and then incorporate other colors to sort of break up the dark colors. Every bride really has a different vision of a Halloween wedding dress. If you want something really over the top, you may want to find someone who can sew the dress for you, as this may be cheaper and more satisfying in the end.

    Accessories can also make a Halloween wedding dress. Things such as gloves, garters, hairpieces, jewelry, and shoes can all be coordinated so they give a distinctively Halloween feel to the dress. Little spiders, pumpkins, and witches can be purchased in craft stores and attached to just about anything!

    While a Halloween wedding dress is usually very original, it can be beautiful and classic as well. There is a balance that can be achieved if you want to, or you can go all out and make it as goofy as you want it to be. Its your wedding and your holiday, you can bring the two together however you see fit!


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