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  • Taking Care of Halloween Wigs

    Good Halloween wigs are an expensive item, but worth it to complete a special costume. You will find that if you look after your Halloween wigs properly, they will last much longer and be ready for any special occasion.

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    Halloween Make Up Kit: What You Need

    You don’t have to be a make up artist for the movies to do your own Halloween make up you just need a well stocked Halloween make up kit. You don’t have to be rich either just keep your eyes open and you will find many household and cheap items that will be just the thing for your Halloween make up kit.

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    How To Make A Halloween Door Decoration

    There are lots of ways to make a Halloween door decoration all you have to decide is if you want an edible Halloween door decoration, a seasonal Halloween door decoration, or one that can be stored away to use next year.

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    Get In Character With Halloween Contact Lenses

    A great way to complete your spooky Halloween costume is with a pair of Halloween contact lenses. Once just the province of movie special effects, Halloween contact lenses are now affordable and available to everyone.

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  • Halloween Wedding Favor To Remember!

    By the time your guests get to your Halloween wedding reception they aren't going to know what to think! The majority of people have never been to a Halloween themed wedding or reception, so the reception is a great time to blow your guests away and make it a truly memorable experience.

    One great way to have them remember is with a great Halloween wedding favor. When you consider what sort of Halloween wedding favor to make you may be overwhelmed, just remember that sometimes simple is better.

    A Halloween wedding favor can be fun or spooky, which will you choose? Your creativity is the only thing that will limit you in this area so you should really go for it. A trip to your local hobby store will get your wheels turning, or browse around the internet bridal boutiques and Halloween boutiques to get an idea of some great things that you can have created for you.

    A fun idea is to have little grab bags made with a Halloween theme and the bride and grooms name on it. The bags should be made to look like little trick-or-treat bags, and then filled with the couples favorite candy. One trick-or-treat bag can be given to each guest as a little thank you for coming and sharing the day. Guests will be tickled that they received their own little trick-or-treat bag full of goodies.

    Another fun idea is to get little glass slipper favor dishes at your local craft store and paint them black and decorate them like a witches shoe. Then, fill the witches shoe with candy and place them at each place setting. Your guests will laugh at your creative spin on a typical wedding favor.

    You can always buy Halloween candy molds and make candies or suckers for each of your guest in spooky Halloween shapes. This is a fun Halloween wedding favor, and one that doesn't have to cost much. Guests always appreciate something that is made or has a personal touch.

    Candles always make a great Halloween wedding favor. You can buy witch hat shapes votive holders and candles online or at party stores for about a dollar each. These cute candles can be placed at each place setting to double as both decoration and favors.

    Little tombstones can also be made or found at craft, hobby, or party stores. These tombstones can be personalized for each person and placed at each place setting, and then taken home as memorabilia.

    There are also fake pumpkins now that can be carved. You can buy a small one for each place setting, carve it with the persons name in it, and then have them take it home to set outside their home for Halloween for years to come. Some of the best Halloween wedding favors are those that keep on giving.

    Whatever you choose for your Halloween wedding favor, your guests are sure to love it! Your wedding and reception are sure to be so memorable that your guests are going to want to take a small piece of it home with them to remember for years to come.


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