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  • Getting Creative with Halloween Wedding Cake Toppers

    Believe it or not, Halloween is actually a very popular time to get married. While a good deal of the couples who get married during this time are Halloween fanatics, a lot of people simply choose this time of year because its beautiful all over the world.

    Choosing tasteful items for a Halloween wedding can be complicated, things like Halloween wedding cake toppers can be in the spirit of Halloween, or not. Halloween wedding cake toppers can be really fun, incorporating both traditional and Halloween themes.

    Of course, just because you get married on Halloween does not mean you have to have a Halloween wedding cake topper at all, instead you can choose to have the typical bride and groom. But, what would be a lot of fun is to look for or create your own wedding cake topper that is the bride and groom and then have two little pumpkin heads instead of typical faces. Many guests may not even notice, and those who do will get some amusement out of the fact that you were so bold as to put pumpkins right on your cake.

    Other brides and grooms have chosen to forgo the whole traditional bride and groom atop their cake and really go all out with the Halloween wedding cake toppers and use a jack-o-lantern carved and lighted for a really original topper.

    Many couples have had their names or the wedding date carved into the pumpkin instead of a typical scary face. Talk about an original idea! Its tasteful, yet it incorporates some Halloween into the cake ceremony.

    If you cannot find a Halloween wedding cake topper that you think is suitable, you dont have to get one. For a unique Halloween touch on your cake ask the baker if they can do a orange and black swirl cake for you so that when the cake is cut into the black and orange jump out at guests and make them take notice. Something as bold as this replaces the need for a cake topper altogether.

    Many wedding or bridal boutiques do not typically carry Halloween wedding cake toppers so if you dont see any on display ask for help. Youd be surprised at what these boutiques can order if you ask for it. Typically, if one boutique does not carry Halloween wedding related items they can point you in the right direction. If all else fails, go to a party supply store and theyll likely carry something or know someone who does.

    If you cannot simply order Halloween wedding cake toppers in your area, check the internet. The internet is a great resource for just about everything wedding related. Sites are changing all the time, so if you find something you like on one site order it today because it might be gone tomorrow.

    Making your own Halloween wedding cake toppers may be the most sensible thing to do from a money, stress, and time standpoint. Get creative with black and orange, with pumpkins, with witches and wizards, scarecrows, ghosts, or anything else you can pair together to stand in for the traditional bride and groom cake topper. If youre getting married on Halloween youve got to be a lot of fun, so loosen up and get creative with your cake topper!


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