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  • Fun Halloween Table Decoration Crafts

    The perfect Halloween party needs lots of great decorations and a centerpiece that will entertain and tie together your theme. If you want to unleash your inner artist, you can make your own Halloween table decoration at a fraction of the cost of store bought ones. In addition, your family will have fun creating a special Halloween table decoration that can be used over and over again.

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    Halloween Lawn Decoration: Unique Ideas To Amaze Your Friends

    Everyone remembers the house on the block that had the coolest Halloween lawn decoration on display. These types of houses usually have it all from trees dripping with toilet paper to faux cemeteries sprouting by their sidewalk.

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    Halloween Costume Insight

    A Halloween costume should be chosen to reflect what you would really like to be. For many, this is the opposite of what they are in their daily life. A shy person may become a lion or tiger or even Darth Vader. A usually outgoing person may decide to be a mummy or a mime.

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    Discount Halloween Prop Ideas

    You can have a great looking front yard for Halloween using discount Halloween prop items. Items that are easily found include plastic life sized skeletons, plastic coffins, rubber bats, spiders and rats, spider webbing and plastic pumpkins. All of these discount Halloween prop items as well as others can be used in creating front yard displays that will scare your visitors.

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  • Halloween Costume Special

    Twitter.com – Follow Us! We’ve got a Halloween special here on Clevver TV. Check out the celebrity costumes right now! We’re here with the Halloween hookup, and I’m Dana Ward with the details. Where to start off with the star-studded Hollywood Halloween? Well, just for you guys, let’s begin with the Twilight-themed party in Las [...]

    Belle Costume For Adults & Kids

    www.costumez.org Halloween is hardly 60 days away. Yes, another year has come and before we know it, would be gone forever, but for the lingering magic, mystic and charm of the Adult Belle Costume, Halloween would not be a cherished memory for many of the young ladies who may chose that costume for the night’s [...]

    Oh My God! Dogs in Halloween Costumes. Get Your Puppy Website.

    www.petwebdesigner.com We build your pet website! These are the funniest dogs you will see dressed up in their halloween costumes.

    Sexy Halloween Costumes – Great Ideas from WGN

    Need a costume idea? Find some inspiration from these lovely ladies.

    Best Halloween Costume Ever

    Someone sent us this video the other day so we just had to share it!

    Halloween Costume Meeting

    A typical meeting about womens Halloween costumes. Thanks SO much to Sammah for helping me shoot this: www.youtube.com Thanks to TheStation for letting me use their office: www.youtube.com Follow me: www.twitter.com Friend me: www.facebook.com Look at me take pics of myself in front of my computer: www.dailybooth.com Music: Kevin MacLeod

    Threadbanger: Worst Halloween Costumes

    Theres a bunch of options you can go as for halloween. But today Rob shows us a few you should never attempt.

    Paris Hilton on Sexy Halloween Costumes

    Jimmy Kimmel Live – The first part of Jimmy’s interview with Paris Hilton, who is dressed in a sexy Halloween costume, and talks about past sexy Halloween costumes she’s worn.

    Halloween Costume Ideas From A Halloween Costume Tribute

    Need Halloween costume ideas? Check out this video chock full of pictures of Halloween costumes that is sure to give you some good Halloween costume ideas that you can borrow or use as a starting point for your own Halloween costume makeup ideas.

    Best DIY Halloween Costumes on Youtube!

    There’s a boat load of Halloween costume video tutorials floatin’ around on the web…..you just gotta find ‘em like we did. Here’s a few Halloween costume video tutorials we thought needed to be seen and put to good use.

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