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  • Best Halloween Costume Ever – Bumble Bee Transformer

    Transformer costume video: One the best Halloween costumes ever – Bumblebee Transformer costume that actually turns into a Camaro

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    Halloween Costumes Ideas from 2009

    Still dont know what your going as for Halloween? Well Threadbanger is here to give u some suggestions and fill ya in on the biggest Halloween costume ideas from 2009.

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    Halloween Food Ideas: Tips for Decorating a Spiderweb Cake

    Easy Halloween cakes! Learn how to decorate a spider web cake in this free video clip about Halloween party ideas.

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    Halloween Yard Decoration: San Francisco 2007

    Halloween yard decoration in our South San Francisco home. Weve got a lot of good screams from trick o treaters when it got dark and we dressed up as live zombies.

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  • A Few Lighted Halloween Decoration Do-It-Yourself Craft Projects

    Decorative lighted Halloween decorations can serve two important functions. First, they can help set the festive atmosphere for Halloween parties and for trick-or-treaters on Halloween. Second, they can serve a security and safety function by providing illumination of walkways to your home and of backyard or garden areas used for entertaining party guests.

    Jack-O’-Lantern Halloween Decoration Ideas: Part 3

    This is the third and final piece of a series on jack-o’-lantern Halloween decoration ideas. In Jack-O’-Lantern Halloween Decoration Ideas: Part 1, we covered several projects for lighted jack-o’-lantern Halloween decorations. Jack-O’-Lantern Halloween Decoration Ideas: Part 2 provided projects for creating jack-o’-lantern themed home accents. In this article, we will consider jack-o’-lantern Halloween decorations for food service.

    Jack-O’-Lantern Halloween Decoration Ideas: Part 2

    In Jack-O’-Lantern Halloween Decoration Ideas: Part 1, we focused on lighted jack-o’-lantern Halloween decorations. In this piece, we will consider home accent ideas with a jack-o’-lantern theme. These jack-o’-lantern Halloween decoration ideas vary in complexity level of craft skills and abilities, and the investment in materials and equipment required. We will start with the simplest idea and work our way up in progressively more complex projects.

    Jack-O’-Lantern Halloween Decoration Ideas: Part 1

    If you are looking for jack-o’-lantern Halloween decoration ideas, there are many options other than the carved pumpkin most people immediately think of. To be sure, a carved pumpkin is still the mainstay, but it can be augmented by or even supplemented with other similarly themed embellishments both inside and outside the home.

    A Haunted House Theme Halloween Party

    If you want to enjoy the spookiness associated with Halloween and you intend on throwing a party, consider a haunted house theme Halloween party. The variety of decorations for creating a haunted house are readily abundant in stores at Halloween time. I you want to avoid a commercial-looking haunted house theme Halloween party, you can create simple do-it-yourself Halloween craft decor. Or you can do a little of both.

    Halloween Yard Decoration Ideas: Large-Scale Pumpkin-Based Scenes

    For Halloween yard decoration that is unique and boisterous, skip the silly inflatable Halloween decoration and mass-produced Halloween decoration props to which your lazy neighbors will resort. Instead, make use of a natural fall Halloween decoration, the fruit that has become an integral part of the Halloween celebration in the United States: the pumpkin.

    Halloween Party Theme: A Few Suggestions To Get You Started

    If you are intending to have a Halloween party theme, selection is a good starting point. Once you select a theme you gain direction that makes planning and decorating much easier. There are a couple of ways to select a Halloween party theme. You can choose a Halloween image – cats, witches, bats, ghosts, jack-o’-lantern – and carry the theme throughout the entire affair.

    Halloween Party Favor Ideas For Young and Old

    Whether you are hosting a kid Halloween party or an adult Halloween party, Halloween party favors are a great way to thank guest for attending and to leave a favorable lingering impression when thy have gone. Halloween party favors come in many forms, some being more suitable for a kid Halloween party and others more suitable for an adult Halloween party. This article will cover several Halloween party favor do-it-yourself craft projects for both.

    Monster Theme Halloween Party Decorating Ideas

    A relatively recent development in the long tradition of Halloween is an association with images representing any kind of frightening monster. Theme Halloween party decorations now include many familiar monsters; Frankenstein, the Mummy, the Werewolf, and Dracula obviously being the most familiar images. Here are a few monster theme Halloween party ideas to help you set the stage for a monstrous holiday event.

    Decorating A Pumpkin For Halloween: Creating Faces Without Carving

    Decorating a pumpkin for Halloween has been a long tradition that originated from hollowed out turnips being used to cradle candles for commemorating souls in purgatory. The most familiar form of this tradition is the carved-out pumpkin lit with a candle to create a jack-o’-lantern. Nowadays, decorating a pumpkin for Halloween can take many forms other than a candle-lit jack-o’-lantern. This article will examine some of these other alternatives.

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