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  • Witches and Wizards Theme Halloween Party

    If you want to host a magical event this year, think witches and wizards. Theme Halloween party decorations are readily available for the witch motif in the holiday aisle of drug stores and discount department stores during the weeks leading up to Halloween. Decorations for the wizards motif may require a little more effort. Here are a few witches and wizards theme Halloween party suggestions to get you started.

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    Witch Halloween Decoration Do-It-Yourself Craft Projects

    Say the word “Halloween” and for many people what comes to mind is the image of a witch. Halloween decorations include many images, but a witch is probably one of the most prevalent. There are many shapes and sizes of commercially available witch Halloween decorations. If you are a person who prefers to be a little unique, here are a few witch Halloween decoration do-it-yourself craft projects to consider.

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    Spider Halloween Decoration Ideas for a Creepy Crawly Atmosphere

    Black spiders and spiderweb Halloween decorations are a ubiquitous symbol associated with the holiday. If you are looking for ideas that lend themselves to a familial gathering, then you should consider the do-it-yourself Halloween craft projects presented in this article. All of these spider Halloween decoration ideas draw from the four books listed in the sources section at the end of the article.

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    Really Cool Halloween Decoration: Relief-Carved Pumpkins

    For a really cool Halloween decoration that is a feast for the eyes that doesn’t go unnoticed by the public at large, put a relief-carved pumpkin on your list of Halloween decoration ideas. Unlike a traditional jack-o’-lantern made by cutting blocks of meat out of the pumpkin, “relief carving relies on perspective and shadows to develop the image and provides more opportunity for creative options,” as explained by Vic Hood.

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  • Halloween Party Theme: A Few Suggestions To Get You Started

    If you are intending to have a Halloween party theme, selection is a good starting point. Once you select a theme you gain direction that makes planning and decorating much easier. There are a couple of ways to select a Halloween party theme. You can choose a Halloween image – cats, witches, bats, ghosts, jack-o’-lantern – and carry the theme throughout the entire affair.

    Halloween Party Favor Ideas For Young and Old

    Whether you are hosting a kid Halloween party or an adult Halloween party, Halloween party favors are a great way to thank guest for attending and to leave a favorable lingering impression when thy have gone. Halloween party favors come in many forms, some being more suitable for a kid Halloween party and others more suitable for an adult Halloween party. This article will cover several Halloween party favor do-it-yourself craft projects for both.

    Monster Theme Halloween Party Decorating Ideas

    A relatively recent development in the long tradition of Halloween is an association with images representing any kind of frightening monster. Theme Halloween party decorations now include many familiar monsters; Frankenstein, the Mummy, the Werewolf, and Dracula obviously being the most familiar images. Here are a few monster theme Halloween party ideas to help you set the stage for a monstrous holiday event.

    Decorating A Pumpkin For Halloween: Creating Faces Without Carving

    Decorating a pumpkin for Halloween has been a long tradition that originated from hollowed out turnips being used to cradle candles for commemorating souls in purgatory. The most familiar form of this tradition is the carved-out pumpkin lit with a candle to create a jack-o’-lantern. Nowadays, decorating a pumpkin for Halloween can take many forms other than a candle-lit jack-o’-lantern. This article will examine some of these other alternatives.

    Decorate A Pumpkin For Halloween: Alternatives to Jack-O’-Lanterns

    If you want to decorate a pumpkin for Halloween but are bored with the same old jack-o’-lantern face, there are options that you can explore. You can make choices that still include carving or you can decorate the pumpkin in ways that do not involve cutting and carving. When you are ready to decorate a pumpkin for Halloween, consider these ideas.

    Spooky Halloween Decoration Ideas

    Create your own spooky Halloween decoration and be prepared for some ooh’s and aah’s as well as a scream or two! Halloween has different connotations for some people. For many people though, it is just a great time to relax, enjoy the costumes and eat candy! Your spooky Halloween decoration ideas could be just the ticket to add a little something “extra” to the festivities.

    A Cat Theme Halloween Party

    One image that is practically synonymous with Halloween is that of a menacing looking arched back black cat. Theme Halloween party decorations with a cat motif are abundant in many stores during the weeks leading up to Halloween. And for the budget conscious party host, home made cat decorations are very easy to do. Use these cat theme Halloween party ideas to instruct and inspire you in planning fantastic feline festival.

    A Barnyard Bash Theme Halloween Party

    A barnyard bash theme Halloween party is a perfect idea if you want to forgo the usual macabre motif associated with Halloween. The theme is perfect for parents or groups who want to host an event while eliminating frightening, and what some consider evil, celebration elements. Here are a few barnyard bash theme Halloween party tips to get you started.

    Creating Autumn Halloween Decorations

    Creating Autumn Halloween decorations is a great way to decorate for two holidays and the Autumn season at the same time. Creating dual-function decorations and home accent arrangements is actually easy, with only small or no changes needed after Halloween. Use the following Autumn Halloween decoration ideas to instruct and inspire you.

    Spider Halloween Decoration

    A creepy, crawly spider Halloween decoration provides an authentic touch to any Halloween decor. Whether inside or outside, there are a plethora of choices in your quest for a spooky spider Halloween decoration. For those people with a little fear of crawling eight-legged creatures, just remember that these spider Halloween decorations are not real! Show no fear!

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